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Team Your News
"How can we build the most compelling and engaging news app on Xbox?"
Team Your News

Garage Team

Garage Intern Team: Joe Lim, Chrisanda Ann, Alex Moen, Jashan Sudan, Francis Forget, Owen Campbell; Garage Support Team: Amr Khedr, Mohannad Abwah, Mark Schramm, Stephane Morichere-Matte; Garage Sponsor Team: Aaron Sauve, Sawan George, Maciej Kumorek, Matt Perzel, Sleiman Zublidi Vieria

Team Your News

The Garage, Vancouver, BC, Canada


As the number of households without cable or satellite increases year by year, users have begun to turn to alternative apps for TV-style content. However, one living room tradition has been left behind: TV broadcast news. Many people are still interested in staying connected with current events through their television, but they have few options. We believe that by providing a news experience for the TV/living room, we can increase news consumption and fill the void of news on TV platforms.

We were approached with the challenge to create a news app for Xbox One. We began by considering what features we would want in a news app, and then spoke to news consumers about what would improve their news experience. What we found is that people wanted something they could watch or listen to in the background while they went about their daily activities. It was also crucial for them to have topics and news sources tailored to their needs.

We helped to serve this by ensuring our users had the choice of which news they wanted to watch. They are provided with a list of news topics and sources personalized to their tastes, each of which provides a variety of news stories. If they’d like to watch passively, they can put the controller down and watch a continuous stream of stories. This is Your News, where users can watch news they are interested in, whenever they want.