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Work in progress

Real progress on diversity & inclusion doesn’t happen without real work. We’ve got a long way to go. But together, we can make lasting change.
A group of three coworkers collaborating around a table. Their office environment is sketched; a work in progress.
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Inclusion is a choice

Good intentions alone don’t make real progress. We need to learn and relearn, have uncomfortable conversations, and examine our conscious and unconscious biases.  

This is about honesty and accountability. It’s about all of us, people of all backgrounds, identities, and cultures choosing to do the work.

It’s time for us all to put in the work

Explore the content below to learn new concepts, understand the lived experiences of others, and reflect on how to turn ideas into action.

The case for diversity and inclusion

Human, business, and geopolitical

CEO Satya Nadella and Darren Walker, Ford Foundation President, discuss the opportunity for organizations to be innovative, competitive, and serve purpose through deeper connection to diversity & inclusion. Microsoft executives frame how to make this real in organizations around the globe: Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, CVP & Chief Diversity Officer, on the human case; Nick Parker, CVP, Global Partner Solutions, on the business case, and Fred Humphries, CVP, US Government Affairs, on the geopolitical case.
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Two coworkers having a conversation in a sketched office space

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