Enterprise Agreement

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement offers the best value to organizations with 500* or more users or devices that want a manageable volume licensing program that gives them the flexibility to buy cloud services and software licenses under one agreement.

*500 minimum user/device requirement is for commercial customers effective July 1, 2016. Does not apply to Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE). The minimum requirement for public sector customers is 250 users/devices. For more information, please see the Enterprise Agreement program guide.

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Best value

Get the best pricing, discounts, and added benefits designed to support server and cloud technologies.

  • Get the best savings by deploying a common IT platform across the organization.
  • Get 24x7 technical support, planning services, end-user and technical training, as well as unique technologies with Software Assurance.
  • Minimize up-front costs and budget more effectively by locking in pricing and spreading payments over three years.


Respond to the rapidly changing technological landscape by accessing the latest versions of cloud and on-premises software.

  • Meet the unique requirements of your organization based on its size and technology needs.
  • Automatically access the latest software and technologies with Software Assurance.
  • Choose from Microsoft cloud services, on-premises software, or a mix of both and migrate on your own terms.


Streamline license management with a single organization-wide agreement.

  • Simplify purchasing with predictable payments through a single agreement for cloud services and software.
  • Manage licensing throughout the life of your agreement with the help of a Microsoft Certified Partner or a Microsoft representative.
  • Move to a pure per user licensing model and simplify licensing with no more device counting.

How it works

The Enterprise Agreement is designed for organizations that want to license software and cloud services for a minimum three-year period.

The Enterprise Agreement offers built-in savings ranging from 15 percent to 45 percent. You also have the option to spread your payments by making three annual payments instead of one up-front payment. This helps reduce initial costs and helps you forecast annual software budget requirements up to three years in advance.

The Enterprise Agreement includes a subscription option that lowers initial licensing costs because you subscribe to the rights to use Microsoft products and services instead of owning them. The subscription option also enables you to increase or decrease subscription counts on an annual basis.

Enterprise Agreement Enrollments

Get additional savings and benefits when you buy the following Enrollments:

Enterprise Enrollment: Get the best pricing; per user, per device, or hybrid licensing options; and simplified license management for end-user technologies from Microsoft.

Server and Cloud Enrollment: Get the best pricing, cloud-optimized licensing options, and simplified license management when you buy one or more server and cloud technologies from Microsoft.

The enrollment agreement structure allows you to easily add new products and services when you need them.

The Enterprise Agreement life cycle

The Enterprise Agreement life cycle


During the term of your Enterprise Agreement, you can add and adjust users, devices, products, and services at any time without having to place individual purchase orders and account for changes through the annual process.

Renewing your Enterprise Agreement

When it is time to renew your Enterprise Agreement, you will have the opportunity to make adjustments to ensure that your new agreement is aligned with your current and future needs.

Get the best out of your investment with Software Assurance

Software Assurance is included in the Enterprise Agreement and provides a comprehensive range of benefits to help you plan, deploy, and use the latest Microsoft technologies and services. Benefits that help you extend the value of your Microsoft investments include:

  • Rights to new software releases during the term of the agreement at no additional cost.
  • Access to unique technologies.
  • Planning Services to enable efficient deployments.
  • In-person and online training for IT pros and end users.
  • 24x7 problem resolution support.

Flexible payment options

More and more Enterprise Agreement customers are choosing Microsoft Payment Solutions to help them create a flexible payment structure for their complete range of technology needs, including software, services, partner products, and hardware. Flexible payment options include Deferred Payments, Ramped Payments, and Equal Monthly or Quarterly Payments.

Get details about how the Enterprise Agreement works (PDF, 13.4 MB)


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