Licensing options for Independent Software Vendors

Deliver your Unified Solutions to end users with simplified licensing options through the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Royalty Licensing Program.

This licensing program helps make it easy to deliver your business solutions to end users by allowing you to integrate Microsoft products into other applications and then distribute the Unified Solution to end users.

For more information, please see the program guide.

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The Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program is a worldwide software licensing program that offers ISVs a convenient way to license Microsoft products and integrate them into a software business application.

This is a good option for:

  • Organizations that exclusively develop software or software solutions instead of being part of a computer system or being a hardware manufacturer.
  • Organizations that obtain at least 30 percent of their overall revenue from the sales that solution.

How ISV Royalty Licensing works

The ISV Royalty Licensing Program is a worldwide software licensing program for all solution partner segments. You acquire licenses for your Unified Solution through a Microsoft Authorized Independent Software Distributor (“distributor”).

You can choose a local distributor to offer dedicated local support to ISV product and service needs. Distributors are experts in Microsoft Licensing. Therefore, they are very useful in meeting reporting requirements and managing the licensing agreement, creating a one-stop shopping experience.

The program offers access to a wide range of Microsoft licensed products. Download the most recent ISV Royalty Product List to see the wide selection of Microsoft products available for the ISV Royalty Licensing Program (Note, the program does not currently include desktop operating systems, server operating systems, and online services). Download frequently asked questions about licensing Microsoft SQL Server through the ISV Royalty program (PDF, 256 KB).

Program benefits

The following are some of the benefits of participating in the ISV Royalty Licensing Program.

For more information, download the Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program Guide.

  • Deliver a total solution. Simplify procurement and deployment for your customers by eliminating the need to separately license the Microsoft products that are included with your solution.
  • Reduce costs. Help reduce installation, configuration, update, and support costs by pre-configuring solution installation with Microsoft products.
  • Potentially increase revenue. Create an additional revenue stream or increase margins by redistributing Microsoft licenses and Embedded Maintenance upgrade coverage with a Unified Solution.
  • Worldwide distribution. Distribute a Unified Solution to customers in any part of the world where distribution is allowed.

Authorized ISV Royalty Licensing Distributors

Work with a distributor to boost your business

Contact an authorized Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Royalty licensing distributor to acquire licenses for your unified solutions. The ISV Royalty licensing program is designed to help you deliver your business solutions to users more easily through simplified licensing options that enable you to license Microsoft products and integrate them into other applications. If you are an ISVR Distributor and need to update your contact information, please contact us at

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