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Update to Microsoft Fabric capacity usage

Free Fabric workload usage ending soon.

September 19, 2023

The extended preview period for Microsoft Fabric will end on September 30th, 2023 (as we announced in July). Starting on October 1st, workload usage will count against capacity limits, capacity limits will be enforced, and storage consumption will become chargeable.

Users currently on a Fabric trial will have their workload usage start drawing down against their pre-allocated trial capacity. The 60-day Fabric free trial allows you to test out Fabric experiences with 64 capacity units to help you try out everything Fabric has to offer and determine the amount of capacity compute throughput needed to identify the right SKU size to match. Free trial users who need additional capacity or whose trial has expired can purchase Fabric pay-as-you-go capacities in the Azure portal (learn more on the Fabric pricing page). Additionally, reserved instance capacities will be coming soon, which will provide even greater discounts when pre-committing.

For Power BI Premium customers who’ve switched on access to Fabric in their tenant, Fabric workload usage outside of Power BI will start to draw down against your Power BI Premium Capacity (learn more about Power BI Premium per Capacity here). If you reach your Power BI Premium Capacity limit, you can either purchase more Power BI Premium Capacity or purchase Fabric pay as you go capacities in the Azure portal.

Along with this usage announcement, we have made several improvements to the Fabric capacity management platform for Fabric. Learn more about these announcements here.