Updates coming to Azure Product Terms

September 1, 2021

This blog post is intended to provide awareness of a recent change to how you view Microsoft Azure Product Terms. In our ongoing efforts to simplify licensing and improve the customer experience, we are happy to announce that on October 1, 2021, all the Microsoft Azure Product terms will be consolidated under a single “Microsoft Azure” page.

The purpose of this consolidation is to provide simplicity, ease of use, and provide more clarity surrounding these terms.

Microsoft is not changing the use rights, intent, or purpose of the existing Microsoft Azure Product Terms with this update, but rather consolidating and re-ordering the layout. Any changes are to provide additional clarity and consolidate. If you feel something has significantly changed this month that affects the terms, it was not our intention and will correct it if necessary. Please utilize the “Feedback” button on the top right of the Product Terms if you feel something is impacted.

Screen capture of the Feedback button on the Azure Product Terms page.

Screen capture of the Feedback button on the Azure Product Terms page.

The graphic below is designed to provide a high-level visual overview of the changes. Detailed information on the changes follows below the graphic.

  • Purple Circles are used to identify the four previous pages.
  • Orange boxes are Service Specific Terms and will move to the Service Specific Terms section of the Microsoft Azure page.
  • Blue boxes are the General Terms that are identical for each Azure category and may be adjusted for clarity.
  • No markup are tables that will be consolidated. (Availability with Availability, Conditions with Conditions, etc.)
Screen capture of Product Terms highlighting samples.

Screen capture of Product Terms highlighting samples.

Changes that you will see are:

  • Definitions moving to the main Glossary page. When these defined terms are utilized, hover text in the Product Terms will still pop-up the definition on the Microsoft Azure page.
  • Product Availability & Conditions tables will be combined. (No Availability or Conditions have changed.)
  • Product Categories table addition. This table will still maintain which Azure licenses fall under the Microsoft Azure User Plans, Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Plans, Microsoft Azure Services, and Microsoft Azure Support Plans categories.
  • Payment & Fees table addition. This table is added to provide clarity to which Azure product categories are eligible for specific Payment & Fees. (There are no changes to the actual Payment & Fees section.)
  • Existing Service Specific clauses moved to the Service Specific Terms section on the new Microsoft Azure page. (There are no changes to the existing Service Specific clauses.)

Reminder that you can always look at previous months’ terms directly on the Product Terms site by adjusting the “Effective Date.”

As usual, Microsoft reviews our Product Terms on an on-going basis. Any language, clauses, or use rights that may change in the future may impact the Microsoft Azure terms. The “no changes” only applies to this October 1, 2021 update.