A new way to purchase Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions with Azure in CSP

July 10, 2018

In May, we announced Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (RI) and shared that server subscriptions were coming soon. Today, Microsoft is excited to announce the immediate availability of Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Increasingly, commercial customers are expressing the need for more cost-effective solutions to support their predictable cloud workloads. The combination of Azure RI plus Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions enables partners to better address this customer need. One key ingredient is the Azure Hybrid Benefit included with the server subscriptions, which provides customers significant savings (up to 79 percent when combined with Azure RI) and unmatched deployment flexibility. Prior to this server subscriptions launch today, only customers with Software Assurance could obtain the Azure Hybrid Benefit. This is a great opportunity for customers without Software Assurance to enjoy maximum savings on Microsoft server workloads.

Partners will benefit from a business model that minimizes risk and simultaneously maximizes profitability. For example, modernized licensing will increase cost predictability and streamline the sales process. In addition, the CSP program enables partners to acquire, provision and manage Azure RI and server subscriptions on behalf of commercial customers via Microsoft Partner Center and Azure Portal. Partners can choose to increase their time and resources on winning new business with an expanded portfolio of IT management value-added cloud solutions.

We believe Azure RI and server subscriptions are a winning combination for both our customers and partners. Together, the solutions offer a better value for customers and more business for our partners.

Azure RI and server subscriptions are available to partners who participate in the CSP program. Please visit the announcements tab in Partner Center to learn more. Partner resources can be found on https://aka.ms/CSP/AzureRI/ServerSubscription including an Operations Guide, Sales Sheet, PowerPoint presentations, FAQ, and invitations to Licensing webinars.