About Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform. These applications unify CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications that work seamlessly together to help manage specific business functions. 

Technology empowers you to adapt and grow—it helps you engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and reinvent products and business models. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you accelerate your digital transformation to meet the changing needs of your customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow.

How to Buy

For information on licensing programs, channels and segment availability, refer to the Product Terms site. Dynamics 365 country, language, and localization availability is available here.

How to License Dynamics 365

Dynamics applications are licensed under a variety of models consisting of assigned licenses that are dedicated to a named user or device and unassigned licenses that provide access to a feature or service at tenant level.

Most Dynamics 365 full user licensing follows the base plus attach model which provides a cost-effective way for a single user to be licensed for multiple applications. To license a core business Dynamics 365 application, customers may purchase either a base or, in many cases, an attach license(s).

For more details on how to license Dynamics 365 please refer to the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide and Product Terms site.



Dynamics 365 simplifies the licensing of business applications. The primary licensing method is by named user subscription. The Dynamics 365 user subscriptions classify users into two types. One user type is a “full user” and the other is a "light user."


Full users are the users whose work requires use of the feature-rich business app’s functionality. Examples of full users are sales people, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers, and supply chain managers. Such users have also been referred to in the past as “pro users” or “power users.” In the Dynamics 365 license model, full users are licensed with a Dynamics 365 application subscription.


Often, many users in an organization are considered light users. Light users may consume data or reports from line-of-business systems and complete light tasks like time/expense entry and human resources record updates. In the Dynamics 365 model, light users are licensed with the Dynamics 365 for Team Members subscription.

Application subscriptions are named user subscriptions that license a user for core Business Applications (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Retail, and Talent). Customers may purchase a single application as a users’ base license.  Users requiring multiple applications may purchase as many Attach licenses as needed at a reduced price.  Each Attach license can only be assigned to a user with a qualifying prerequisite Base license.


Application subscriptions also include use rights to PowerApps for mobile app creation and use against Dynamics 365 data.

The Dynamics 365 Team Members subscription is a named user subscription that includes rights to execute basic processes across Dynamics 365 applications (where applicable), share knowledge, and provide embedded business intelligence. One Team Members subscription enables a light user to read from any of the Dynamics 365 applications. As a result, as more Dynamics 365 applications are adopted across an organization, any user previously licensed with a Team Members subscription would be licensed already to access those additional applications.