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Microsoft 365 for enterprise

Take your enterprise to the next level with Microsoft 365, the leader in cloud-based productivity. Discover the benefits of an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.

Feature comparison

Two Microsoft 365 plans are offered for enterprise customers’ information workers: Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5. Both plans provide customers with a comprehensive set of productivity and security capabilities, while Microsoft 365 E5 provides the latest and most advanced innovations in security, compliance, analytics, and collaboration. Additionally, Microsoft offers two Microsoft 365 plans for frontline workers: Microsoft 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F3. Both include Microsoft Teams and core security, compliance, and identity capabilities, while Microsoft 365 F3 also includes Windows Enterprise and Office for the web and mobile.

For additional details about the online services included in the Microsoft 365 plans for enterprise customers, download the plan comparison here.

For information on potential limitations for the service plans described above, please go here.

Individual multi-plan service comparisons

Some individual online services are offered in more than one plan (multi-plan service). The downloadable full comparison table only lists which plan of any available multi-plan service is included in each Microsoft 365 suite license. Below are links providing additional details of individual multi-plan services.

Azure Active Directory Premium (plan 1 and 2)
Exchange Online (plan K, 1, and 2)
SharePoint Online (plan K, 1, and 2)
Microsoft Stream (for Microsoft 365 plans)

See additional Microsoft 365 options

Microsoft 365 Enterprise FAQ

  • Yes, customers can buy all the product suite components separately:  Office 365, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

  • Yes, depending on the subscription level, customers can combine their Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscriptions with plans and add-ons from Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Office 365.


    The Microsoft 365 Enterprise brand is built on the foundation of Secure Productive Enterprise. Secure Productive Enterprise is no longer available for purchase. As we release new capabilities as part of Office 365, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, we will continue to provide simpler offerings for customers and a more unified go-to-market motion with Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

    We continue to build Microsoft 365 Enterprise on what we set in motion last year by delivering the best value to customers with:

    • Best in class security and productivity
    • Continued Microsoft suite momentum
    • A unified per-user cloud offering
    • A compelling cost and value solution


  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers with 500 seats or fewer will be onboarded to Microsoft Teams and will not have access to Skype for Business Online.

  • Microsoft 365 F1/F3, E3, and E5 subscriptions provide the right to access server software running on Licensed Servers or to Manage Operating System Environments. For a full list of Client Access License (CAL)/Management License (ML) Equivalent rights, please see the current Product Terms.


    Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 provide the right to install Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Skype for Business Server software on any server dedicated to customer’s use. Only Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 users may access those server instances.

    Microsoft 365 F1 does not provide rights to install or access server software Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Skype for Business Server.



    Microsoft 365 FromSA E3 and E5 subscriptions provide the right to install one local copy of Office Professional Plus software. Only the users assigned the Microsoft 365 FromSA E3 and E5 subscriptions may access the copy of Office Professional Plus software.

    Standard Microsoft 365 F1, E3, and E5 subscriptions do not provide rights to install Office Professional Plus software or access the copy of Office Professional Plus software made available to Microsoft 365 FromSA E3 and E5 subscriptions.


  • Customers with Microsoft 365 E3 subscriptions are eligible to purchase Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance and/or Microsoft 365 E5 Security as add-ons to their Microsoft 365 E3 subscriptions.