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3 search & discovery tools to make your job easier

As more information begins to live primarily in the cloud, the need for powerful search and discovery tools grows. With the arrival of big data came clearer visualizations of just how interconnected various company departments truly were. Information that might have minimal value to one employee could provide insights of substantial value for a colleague’s project.

Finding these connections has never been more important to remain competitive, but it’s also never been easier. These three search and discovery tools provide users with flexible ways to find what they need with impressive efficiency.

Discover the essentials with Delve

Office Delve helps you and your colleagues be better informed in less time than ever. By incorporating elements of machine learning and social networking with the search capabilities of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, Delve helps you discover the content and people you need — and vice versa.

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This data visualization tool excels in surfacing relevant content tailored to a specific person and breaks down information silos to ensure you and your colleagues stay informed. The intuitive discover function uses past activity within the organization to bring potentially relevant information forward. Use Delve to search for any relevant content you have permission to use. Or browse boards to see who’s working on what. And with profiles, getting in touch with the proper stakeholders is a breeze.

Accomplish more together with SharePoint

Collaboration has long been a staple in making one’s job easier. With Microsoft SharePoint, every project team, division, and department is empowered by teamwork with dynamic and productive resources. Share ideas, discover connections, ask questions, and find answers within a highly configurable platform.

SharePoint helps drive organizational efficiency through portals and intranet sites that engage employees. Whether sharing common resources and applications, broadcasting messages with dynamic pages, or
receiving personalized news, this powerful search and discovery tool exists to inform decisions and guide actions. 

Stay connected with Yammer

Yammer is an easy-to-use social communication tool, giving you and your team a smarter and faster way to collaborate across an entire company. The learning curve with Yammer is low, thanks to its familiar social network functionality, allowing for the free flow of information and ideas.

Yammer uses feeds to stay on top of relevant conversations. The ticker allows for discovery of what a business’s employees are actively working on in real time. Browse topics to quickly find files, conversations, and notes. Or just execute a search to reveal all relevant conversations.

Adding any of these search and discovery tools to your company’s resources could provide a new level of efficiency and collaboration, resulting in better business decisions. 

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