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Don’t lose contacts: 4 tips for easy contact management

From efficient scheduling capabilities and appointment confirmations, to the ability to carefully track client preferences and update ever-evolving business services and pricing, contact management software has become more critical than ever before to a company’s success. While it is obvious that the right contact management software can increase productivity by streamlining efficiency, many companies have yet to realize all the components available to them when using contact tracking software.

Believe it or not, only 10 percent of small businesses use an online app or software to schedule appointments, with a shocking 8.8 percent still using a pen and paper. According to GetApp Lab, just over half of small businesses are using an online calendar to get the job done. Translation – if you fall into this category, your business is missing out. Contact management software offers easy-to-use tools to manage your business information and customer profiles in the most streamlined and efficient way possible.

Today’s client management software is designed to be an organized hub for all of your business information, increasing productivity (thus your bottom line) by storing information that includes everything from booking and managing appointments, to logging customer information and preferences, while letting you set business hours and provide detailed service and pricing information. With web-based contact management, you can have easy access to everything you need, all in one place.

Here are four ways to promote your business, services and availability, while keeping track of appointments, pricing and customer preferences with contact tracking software:

  1. Take advantage of easy online scheduling.

    No more time-consuming phone calls back and forth. With web-based contact management, your existing clients or potential customers can easily schedule services online via a computer or mobile app for those on-the-go. Automatic appointment confirmations and reminders for both customers and staff help to eliminate scheduling confusion and potential missed appointments. Discover scheduling made simple, with client management software designed for your specific business needs. Simple mobile access is critical to ensuring that clients can schedule appointment times at their convenience, while also giving you instant visibility to make planning and scheduling easier.

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  1. Tap into social media opportunities.

    Boost your level of communication with existing clients, while uncovering potential leads, with the endless possibilities of social media. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are tools that help you keep in touch with clients, while also discovering untapped opportunities. Send friend requests to your new contacts, suggest your business page with lists of current services, or send simple follow-up communication on social media in order to separate your customer service efforts from the competition. Contact management software gives you a greater view of consumer needs and your customer’s specific profile information, while also helping you to identify potential leads on social networks – something that simply wasn’t available in the past. Now you can efficiently maintain and update client information, identify targeted opportunities, as well as schedule/view appointment records, past, present and future. Social media builds communication, while helping your business to stay in the forefront of the minds of the user.

  2. Eliminate information duplication.

    Contact management software eliminates the hassle of duplicate contacts or searching through outdated information. With client management software, you can start managing and updating your contact information more efficiently.

  3. Tailor to your client needs.

    Whether you own a restaurant or hair salon – regardless of your industry – clients have varied preferences and expectations. Contact management software gives you the ability to list all of your client needs and requests in one place, so you can identify your customer’s individual wants ahead of time. As your client’s needs change, edits and updates are an easy process – unlike the complicated paper trail of yesterday. Track client appointment and service history, all with an effective software solution. So, ditch the pen and paper – and experience productivity on a whole new level, with contact management services you can use.

Discover more software solutions, including the convenience and ease of use of Microsoft Bookings for your small- to medium-size business. This innovative solution features a booking page where customers can schedule appointments with ease. You can also customize your services, set business hours, provide detailed service and pricing information, all while managing your staff, weekly schedules and customer preferences, with advanced client management software. The convenient customizable public webpage lets your customers find available times and book appointments 24/7 – whether at home, in the office or on-the-go via a mobile app.

From your scheduling calendar and detailed customer profiles, to your ever-changing staff notes, service and business profile information, simplify your scheduling process, while maximizing your business growth potential with the right contact management software.

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