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Use analytics to achieve a better work life balance

In an Era where “work life balance” is a common phrase, surveys show that work interferes with personal time now more than ever. As a result of more flexible work hours, real-time phone notifications, and a culture of being ‘on’ 24/7, many information workers now struggle to create clear lines between their work and personal lives, causing undue stress and burnout.

With personal productivity analytics, you can track the time you spend working outside of business hours, as well as the after-hours impact you have on co-workers, then take action to build better work/life balance for yourself and the people you work with.

Track time spent working outside of business hours

After-hours work often accumulates silently – we respond to emails when we know we shouldn’t, and we slowly take on more projects that we can handle. With personal analytics, you can see how much time you spend working outside of your regular business hours, then set goals and track progress towards meeting them over time. Establishing better balance between work and personal life can be as easy as having a conversation with your manager about your workload; armed with data, you can make a better case for delegating responsibilities so that work is more evenly distributed across your team.

Megan spent almost 9 hours last week working outside of business hours, well above her company average.

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See your after-hours impact on co-workers

When you email or schedule meetings with co-workers outside of business hours, it can cause them undue stress – even a simple email notification can distract them from their personal or family activities.
With personal productivity analytics, you can understand the after-hours impact you have on your colleagues, then take action – which can be as simple as scheduling emails for delivery the following day rather than sending them at night.

Megan caused three of her co-workers to spend time working after hours last week – she should try to avoid sending emails outside of business hours to help colleagues maintain work/life balance.

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