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How to increase sales with these 3 technologies

When you run a business, it’s important to make the right investments in technology. Some technologies you absolutely must have. This likely includes accounting software, software to take orders, and tools to issue payroll. There are other types of software that aren’t required, but these will help you increase your sales.   

Here are three technologies you should try to help your business increase sales. 

How a CRM system can increase sales 

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s essential for any sales organization nowadays. Basically, it’s just a database of customer information and most commonly based in the cloud. Your CRM system would have every person and company that your company does business with. When set up the right way, a CRM system would integrate with your email, calendar, and contact management system.  

A CRM system tracks your company’s sales opportunities, forecasts, quotes, and open tasks. It helps you manage your marketing campaigns and service issues. With a CRM system, you can make sure that every customer receives personalized service, and every prospect is on your radar.

Close tracking is crucial to help increase your sales, not only by following up on all prospects but also by making sure your customers get the proper service. It’s imperative to have organization in your sales process. Often, things fall through the cracks, especially for small business owners who are so busy.

How email marketing can increase sales 

One thing’s for sure: email is certainly not dead. Despite the rise of social media, texting, and other forms of communication, in every business I’ve seen, email remains the most popular form of communication.

Most email systems today handle the day-to-day communications necessary to conduct business. But to increase your sales, you need more. You need an email system that can manage your email marketing campaigns. 

With intelligent email marketing software, you can send out emails to thousands of recipients who have opted in to hear from you. The services and software provide templates to design your emails.

They oftentimes integrate with CRM systems so you can launch campaigns from there too. Email marketing services can track your emails and provide metrics as to who viewed, opened, and clicked items in your messages.  

When you use a competent email marketing service, you’re assured that your emails are delivered to your recipients. Just make sure you’re complying with their rules, and your emails meet their specifications.

How a quoting system can increase sales 

It’s essential for any business with salespeople to have a quick way to get quotes and proposals to their prospects and customers. Many accounting and finance applications provide these capabilities. Capable CRM systems also do this.  

Even if you don’t have those features available in your existing business systems, you should consider getting a genuine quoting software as an essential tool for your salespeople.  

Here’s what to look for in your quoting system: 

  • A quoting application must be customizable so your people can create quotes that are specifically designed for your business.  
  • You should be able to access it from any device and on the cloud.  
  • It should be integrated with your order and inventory management system so that salespeople are pulling information from the same database. 
  • Most importantly, an able quoting system must come with alerts, reminders, and workflow to ensure that quotes meet the requirements of customers and that no quote gets missed, forgotten, or routed to the wrong person.  

Sometimes a simple word processing or spreadsheet application can do the trick, particularly if you’re a tiny business. But it’s essential to have some form of a shared quoting system if you want to increase your sales.

How to get these sales-boosting technologies 

All of these technologies are available from many vendors just by searching for them online. You’ll also find their prices appealing. Many cost only hundreds of dollars a year, depending on your group size.

Make sure you test the demo versions first, and I recommend working with a partner who is an expert with the application to ensure it’s set up correctly. Word of mouth is also a clever way to discover your options.

There are some upfront costs and the pains of learning new systems, but trust me, these technologies are worth it because they can have a significant impact on your sales.

About the author

Gene Marks

Microsoft Guest Author Gene Marks is founder of The Marks Group, a small-business technology consulting firm. He has written on technology, economic and financial issues for The Washington Post, Forbes, The New York Times and The Guardian. He also frequently appears on Fox Business and MSNBC.

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