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Announcing Dynamics 365 Contact Center—a cloud contact center powered by Microsoft Copilot.

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Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

Enhance customer engagement and ensure your service and operations always exceed expectations—wherever and whenever customers connect with you.

Offer more ways to say hello

Meet customers on the channel they choose, and provide them with tailored service options.

Show them you know them

Recognize and quickly connect with customers to personalize experiences and help secure interactions.

Make agents’ work effortless

Empower agents to deliver exceptional service with AI-powered agent assist and collaboration tools.

Run an agile and lean business

Cut costs by working from a single platform that provides insights and adapts to future needs.

Deliver exceptional customer engagements

  • Engage across multiple channels

    Support your customers by giving them the choice to connect in ways that work best for them.

    Voice and telephony

    Quickly set up phone systems for agents to assist customers on a scalable platform that’s built, owned, and operated by Microsoft.

    Digital engagement channels

    Connect with customers through email, virtual assistants, chatbots, text messages, and social messaging channels.

    Self-service IVR and chatbots

    Quickly resolve customer issues and provide human-like interactions with AI-powered Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that offers solutions using trusted websites and internal documents.

    Intelligent routing

    Resolve problems faster with intelligent unified routing that classifies issues and assigns them to the right agent.

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  • Personalize and help safeguard interactions

    Put your customers at ease and help them feel understood and supported.

    Customer and channel analytics

    Capture and analyze all channel, agent, and customer interactions to uncover insights that help you improve customer experiences.

    Predictive targeting

    Track and analyze customer behaviors to personalize interactions, reduce cart abandonment, and boost revenue.

    Biometric authentication

    Use voice and behavioral pattern recognition to quickly verify customer identities.

    Biometric fraud detection and prevention

    Help identify potential fraud and disrupt attempts using biometric detection that combines risk engines, anti-spoofing technology, and fraud data.

    Customer data platform

    Bring together transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to get a 360-degree view of the customer and discover actionable insights.

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  • Improve agent productivity

    Empower your team with AI-powered tools to help them quickly resolve customer issues and build loyalty.

    A user in Contact Center asking Copilot AI about how to fix a customer complaint. Copilot provides ways to fix the issue based on previous agent findings.

    Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

    Save agents’ time with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, an AI-powered assistant that helps search for relevant information, using trusted websites and internal documents.

    Agent desktop

    Enable your agents to do their best work with an all-in-one, multiple session desktop experience, including profile histories and engagement transcripts.

    Knowledge article suggestions being highlighted in Contact Center

    Real-time insights

    Help agents be more efficient with AI assistance that provides real-time insights, visibility into active conversations, and proactive recommendations.

    Knowledge management

    Reduce response rates by giving agents the right information at the right time with access to AI-suggested knowledge articles.

    Sentiment analysis

    Monitor customer engagements in real time and help agents provide personalized responses through contextual AI.

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  • Increase acquisition and revenue

    Identify opportunities for growing a loyal customer base.

    Predictive targeting

    Track and analyze customer behavior and information to identify engagement opportunities, reduce cart abandonment, and increase revenue.

    Knowledge article suggestions being highlighted in Contact Center

    Agent assistance

    Provide your team with AI-powered tools and resources that help improve productivity and lower costs while reducing turnover rates and ramp-up times.  

    Virtual assistants and chatbots

    Quickly resolve customer inquiries, provide product recommendations, and grow revenue with personalized offers and discounts.

    Live assist

    Improve service by assessing and routing inquiries from digital channel customers to the most skilled live agent.

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  • Simplify contact center infrastructure

    Streamline and automate processes with simple and flexible solutions.

    A diagram showing how voice, CRM, ticketing and digital engagement are all united under one unified platform.

    Single, unified platform

    Increase efficiency and reduce costs by bringing together contact center infrastructure, contact center AI, and your customer engagement center software solutions on a single platform.

    No-code, low-code, and pro-code AI development

    Quickly and easily create in-house solutions with conversational AI tools that maintain and enhance consistent enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experiences.

    A diagram showing how insights, biometric verification, customer conversations, history, and more are all united under one platform.

    Open, extensible, adaptive platform

    Ensure natural and conversational agent and customer engagements—on any platform—with API-powered AI, security, and analytics technologies.

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Real customers. Real stories.

Trains lined up in a depot.

Laying the track for new opportunities

Siemens Mobility gained greater visibility into its sales and customer service with a new CRM system built with Dynamics 365.

Fans decked out head-to-toe in Miami Dolphins gear standing in the stands holding up a Miami Dolphins flag.

Making game day even better

The Miami Dolphins created a chatbot that has handled 40,000 conversations with fans, resolved 97 percent of inquiries, and increased customer satisfaction.

A person smiling holding a mobile phone to their mouth.

Prioritizing service for senior citizens

Telefónica used Nuance Gatekeeper for their digital call center to quickly identify customers over the age of 65 and route them to priority service during the pandemic.

A person smiling and working from their home on a tablet.

Banking on better relationships

NatWest boosted its Net Promoter Score by more than 25 points after enhancing customer interactions with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Two laptops resting on a table and a hand pointing to an Excel sheet being displayed on one of the laptops.

Reducing product repair time

SHI Cryogenics Group cut repair time for its cryogenics equipment from two months to two weeks with the help of Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

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Explore digital contact center products

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Provide exceptional, personalized, seamless service across the channels your customers use.

Azure Communication Services

Deploy your applications across any device, on any platform.

Nuance Digital Engagement Platform

Engage with customers on their terms with the latest AI innovations and assisted service.

Power Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees.

Nuance Conversational IVR

Enable customers to talk to the IVR in their own words without the need for agent help.

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)

Safeguard your organization with identity and access management solutions.

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Improve your contact center with help from a Microsoft partner

Three persons sitting at a desk and watching screen of a laptop and the person sitting on the right is having coffee.

Specialized customer service application development partners

Drive success with the help of customer service specialized partners who undergo rigorous technical validation of their capabilities.

Two persons are wearing headphones and one of them is smiling and holding pen on the right hand.

Consulting services

Access a wide range of architecture planning, implementation, and support services.

Blurred image of desktop on the right and the woman is smiling in the left side of the picture.

Partner solutions

Browse digital contact center platform partner apps to build solutions for your business scenarios, industries, and departments.

Explore resources for service solutions

Get started with the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

Contact your account representative to learn more or sign up to stay updated about this contact center platform.

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