This page answers frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Bounty Program. Please see the Microsoft Bounty Terms for the full terms and conditions that apply to the Microsoft Bounty Program.  

Submit your finding to Microsoft using our online portal, including instructions to reproduce the vulnerability, using the bug submission guidelines found here
Some important notes:
  • We request you follow Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) when reporting all vulnerabilities to Microsoft, as submissions that do not follow CVD may not be eligible for bounty and could disqualify you from future participating in bounty programs in the future.
  • Microsoft is not responsible for submissions that we do not receive for any reason.
  • Microsoft will exercise reasonable efforts to clarify indecipherable or incomplete submissions, but more complete submissions are often eligible for higher bounties (see program rate tables for details).
  • There are no restrictions on the number of qualified submissions an individual submitter can provide and potentially be paid bounty for.

  1. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your submission.
  2. Our engineers will review the submission, including reproducting the vulnerabilty and assesing the security impact. The review time may vary depending on the complexity and completeness of your submission, as well as on the number of submissions we receive.
  3. After your submission has been validated, if it is eligible for a bounty award we will contact you share the good news and begin the award payment process. 
  4. You will complete registration with one of our award payment providers. Once registration is complete you will receive your bounty award.
  5. We will recognize most individuals who have been awarded bounties through our security researcher acknowledgements or our Online Services Security Acknowledgements.

Please see the Program Eligibility section of the Microsoft Bounty Terms.

Please see the Program Eligibility section of the Microsoft Bounty Terms.

  • Microsoft retains sole discretion in determining which submissions are qualified.
  • If we receive multiple bug reports for the same issue from different parties, the bounty will be granted to the first eligible submission.
  • If a duplicate report provides new information that was previously unknown to Microsoft, we may award a differential to the person submitting the duplicate report.

We have long been recognizing the work of security researchers who help us secure our products in a variety of ways, from public acknowledgements to invitations to events like the researcher appreciation party in Las Vegas. The bounty programs represent the latest in our ongoing investment in working collaboratively with security researchers.

Protecting customers is Microsoft's highest priority. We endeavor to address each vulnerability report in a timely manner. While we are doing that we require that bounty submissions remain confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties or as part of paper reviews or conference submissions. You can make available high-level descriptions of your research and non-reversible demonstrations after the Vulnerability is fixed. We require that detailed proof-of-concept exploit code and details that would make attacks easier on customers be withheld for 30 days after the Vulnerability is fixed. Microsoft will notify you when the Vulnerability in your submission is fixed. You may be recieve an award prior to the fix being released and award should not be taken as notification of fix completion
  • Please contact if you intend to discuss the vulnerability after it has been fixed. This includes blog posts, public presentations, whitepapers and other media.
  • To give people time to update, we generally recommend waiting for at least 30 days after your submission has been fixed by Microsoft before discussing it publicly.

Yes. We want to know about a security vulnerability as soon as you’ve found it. We will award you the bounty for the vulnerability reported. If you give us the functioning exploit within 90 days of submitting the vulnerability, we will top it off and award you any additional bounty amount for high quality or functional exploit reporting. For example, if you submit a critical RCE you will receive $6,000 during the adjudication. When you submit the functioning exploit within 90 days, you will receive the additional $9,000.

We’re constantly evaluating our programs to determine how to increase the win-win between the security research community and Microsoft’s customers.

If you are submitting your own mitigation bypass idea that you invented, then you do not need to pre-register. Simply send it to If you are submitting a mitigation bypass technique that you found in use in the wild, then you will need to pre-register before you submit. Email to get started. Please see complete program terms here.

Yes, if the defense submission qualifies as being new and practical as defined in the terms, we will award up to $100,000 USD for a defense that can block existing mitigation bypasses. If you have a defensive technique and corresponding exploits to prove the technique works, you will be eligible for this program.

Microsoft partners with HackerOne and Bugcrowd to deliver bounty awards to eligible researchers. HackerOne and Bugcrowd help us deliver bounty awards quickly, and with more award options like Paypal, Payoneer, charity donations, crypto currency, or direct bank transfer in more than 30 currencies. Microsoft bounty awards distributed via HackerOne or Bugcrowd will also contribute to a researcher’s overall reputation on the provider's platform.

Microsoft will continue to manage our Bounty Programs independently from the HackerOne and Bugcrowd platforms. Vulnerability reports must be submitted directly to Microsoft through the MSRC Submission Portal or, and the details of those submissions will not be shared with payment provider partners. Our payment provider partners will only receive information about the award amount, case number, and case severity. Any questions about the status of a submission assessment, fix, or release should be directed to Microsoft. 


Researcher who are unable to use HackerOne or Bugcrowd may choose to use Microsoft’s corporate payment system to receive bounty awards. Awards through our corporate system will be processed monthly.