Battle Odyssey is currently not available.


What's new in this version

Minor bugs fixed


  • Recruit and collect over 500 Allies belonging to different factions.
  • Each Ally has an Elemental Affinity, and some have a unique skill and battle ability.
  • Enhance and evolve your Allies to set free their full power.
  • Drag your finger to link like-coloured Orbs or spend Action Points to link different-coloured Orbs for powerful combos.
  • Special Patterns add strategy by allowing you to heal Allies, delay enemy attacks and more.
  • Unleash each Ally's ability, from poisoning your enemies to summoning down a rain of fire
  • Every character is brought to life in stunning 2D anime art.
  • Discover an RPG adventure through fantasy lands, from a sunny ocean paradise to a magic city in the sky.
  • Real-time Versus Battles with advanced matchmaking for the ultimate test of puzzle skill and strategy.
  • Rise to the top of the Leagues to collect great rewards.
  • Regular limited-time events with great rewards.