Shadows of Sofia
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In search of Russian manipulation, filmmaker Kevin Booth travels to Bulgaria where a clandestine meeting with an Oligarchs' notorious banker transforms the story into a political adventure. Soon a picture emerges of an entire country under the control of a shadowy mafia boss and his mother with ties linking back to the former Soviet KGB. We slowly realize that the Russian influence of Bulgaria’s politics... is a clear foreshadowing of Russia’s more recent interference in American and British politics. What has been happening recently in the West, has been happening for a long time before in Bulgaria – where Russia has been practicing and developing it’s techniques and strategies. During their travels the film crew befriends a family of Gypsy’s and a young girl being groomed for sale to the local “Brides Mart”. Eventually the Russian punk band Pussy Riot lends aid to spark a revolution in this entertaining blend of journalism and adventure.

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Kevin Booth


Gravitas Ventures


English (CC)

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1 h 58 min




Kevin Booth
Paul Thomas


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