The Babymoon
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Ba·by·moon (bābēˌmo͞on) noun: is the unique vacation you take right before your first child is born. Taking time to get away from the daily grind, as a couple, has an almost therapeutic effect and this is what reality-star Trace McEvans is counting on. He takes his pregnant wife, Hanna, on a luxurious babymoon to the beautiful country of Cartegentina in an attempt to impress upon her his seriousness in becoming a good father. When Trace and Hanna arrive, there are hints that not everything is going well with the relationship, as well as in the country. Hollywood-types frequent the same vacation spots, and Trace happens upon producer Fabrice. Insecure about providing for his growing family, Trace's schmoozing upsets Hanna. The resulting argument spurs Trace into a group of rebels who kidnap him, and it is up to Hanna to save her husband amidst a community of colorful characters that include, disorganized rebels, a people-pleasing Sheriff, and overzealous Greenpeace activists.

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Bailey Kobe


Gravitas Ventures


English (CC)

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Bailey Kobe


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