The Enchanted Cottage
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The Enchanted Cottage was originally written as a play by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, an English actor and later an important dramatist and stage director in 1923. The story of the Enchanted Cottage is about love, the story follows Oliver Bradshaw a young marine who is injured with scars on his face and burns on his body during the war. When he returns he decides to retreat to the cottage to convalesce. While there, he is cared for by a young woman named Laura Pennington, who Pinero describes as exceedingly plain. The story follows the mismatched duo as the two begin to develop feelings for each other, when the two fall in love the Cottage has the power to transform. The Enchanted Cottage stars Golden Globe Nominee Richard Hatch, Sarah Navratil, and Paul Masterson. The film is produced by the Art Institute of the Inland Empire and Theatrical Arts International Foundation.

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Andrew Fisher
Joseph Henson
Joshua Arcadi


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Joseph Henson
Anthony Rhine


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