The Savage Five
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A gang of bandits take their loot, an unopened safe, to a small town, where they try to force Wei Ming-hui (Danny Lee), a young smith, to make a suitable key, to open it. But, the bandits do not expect Wei Ming-hui will leave town to report to the Authorities, whose offices is located three days’ journey away. At the time, Yao Kuang (Wang Chung), a wandering Kung Fu acrobat, is lying sick in an inn in this small town. The thugs drag him from his bed, beat him up, and tie him up on a tree. The sick man’s plight excites the sympathy of San Niang Tzu (Wong Ping-ping). This kind-hearted woman goes to tell Chen Teng (David Chiang), Fang I-fei (Ti Lung), and Ma Tao (Chen Kuan-tai). In the night, these three men quietly untie Yao Kuang, but they are interrupted by the bandits, and Fang and Ma are overpowered and tortured. The bandits go berserk, and try to rape the woman of the town. San Niang Tzu, who is a widow, offers herself to the bandits, on condition that they do not touch the innocent girls. Next morning, the bandits herd the people to the town square, where a pole is erected. There, they threaten the people that unless Wei Ming-hui is brought back to open the safe, a man will be killed, each time the shadow of the pole moves one inch. A number of innocent souls die before Chen Teng, Fang I-fei, Ma Tao and Yao Kuang rush to the scene of carnage, and engage in a fierce battle. Ma Tao is killed; but many of the thugs were killed too; their ringleaders, Yen Tien-pao (Wang Ching), and Liang Shan (Chiang Tao) are captured alive. At this moment, a party of armed men, led by Wei Ming-hui, arrive. Earlier, they had met Wei Ming-hui, who mistook them for Government troops, and therefore led them to scene. The thugs’ ringleader, Li Kang (Frankie Wei Hung) shoots at the townspeople, mowing down many. In the night, Chen Teng steals into town and steals Li Kang’s ammunition. Chen goes back to his friends, Fang, Wei and Yao, and they remove the gun-powder from the bullets. Then Wei goes to meet the bandits with the gun-powder in his pocket. He opens the safe, and while removing the stamp from the gold bars he purposely detonates the gun-powder, killing himself, and some of the thugs. Next, Chen, Fang and Yao rush to the scene, and fight the remaining thugs, killing Li Kang and many others. But Chen and Fang also die in the battle.

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Cheh Chang


Shaw Brothers Collection



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Cheh Chang
Kuang Ni


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