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Coveted author Zandra finally arrives at isolated Kilton Island to lead a writing retreat. Accessible only by a rough tidal causeway, which becomes cut off from the mainland for eight hours at a time, the location seems like the idyllic place for a group of amateur writers to focus their writing skills over a weekend. For Zandra, however, the isolation only amplifies her insecurities as a writer and the struggle to write a book that will help her escape the shadow of her Booker Prize winning father. Zandra and her colleague Alistair Lyle, encourage the group to use the isolation of the island to learn about themselves and focus their writing. When one of the writers disappears, and is assumed to have wandered off, Zandra fights a moral battle as to whether to tell the others what she finds, or to protect her own financial interests. But it quickly becomes clear that Zandra isn’t the only one hiding something darker. Gradually the writers open up and the tide draws in to cut them off from the mainland. As the writers continue to open up to the group, more and more secrets creep their way to the surface and it is clear that each of them is in some way desperate to escape the life that they are in. It isn't long before it becomes obvious someone amongst them so desperate to succeed has sinister and terrifying motives for inviting them all there. The weekend rapidly unravels into a nightmare and it becomes a fight for survival. Who will make it to the final chapter?

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Diego Rocha




English (CC)

Released year



1 h 29 min




Jeremy Sheldon
C.M. Taylor


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