New in the CoE Starter Kit: Review the impact of DLP policy changes

Data loss prevention (DLP) policies act as guardrails to protect information security in the tenant and help prevent users from unintentionally exposing organizational data. These policies enforce which connectors are enabled for each environment and which connectors can be used together. DLP policies should be one of the first things you set up as an administrator.

If admins create policies that block specific connectors or disallow certain connectors to be used together, these restrictions will impact apps and flows at design and run-time.

We are excited to introduce you to the DLP Editor – a new app that is part of the Center of Excellence Starter Kit. You can use the DLP Editor to observe the impact of an existing policy or the potential impact of policy changes you’re considering.

The goal of the DLP Editor is to provide admins with a view of currently impacted apps and flows, and a view of resources that would be disabled if new or updated policies were to be enforced. The tool reads and updates DLP policies while showing a list of apps and flows that are impacted by the policy configurations.

You can use this app to:

  • Review whether existing policies impact canvas apps and cloud flows in your tenant.
  • Change existing DLP policies and update the connector grouping in the policy.
  • See what flows or apps would be impacted by the change, before you save the policy.
  • Mitigate the risk by contacting makers and informing them about the best course of action for their app or flow.

Update existing DLP policies to review the impact:

Figure 2: Update DLP policies


Our recommendation is to create a policy in the Power Platform Admin Center with the connector configuration that you want, don’t assign it to any environments (thus not causing an impact), then opening the DLP editor app of the CoE Starter Kit to modify the policy, assign it to the environments you want and performing an impact analysis there.

DLP documentation for admins

Detailed documentation about Power Platform DLP capabilities can be found here:


Get started

Download the solution pack at

The DLP Editor is part of the Center of Excellence – Core Components; this documentation explains how to set up the Core Components.


CoE Starter Kit Overview

The Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit is a set of templates that are designed to help you get started with developing a strategy for adopting, maintaining and supporting the Power Platform, with a focus on Power Apps and Power Automate.


Although the underlying features and components used to build the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit (such as Dataverse and connectors) are fully supported, the kit itself represents sample implementations of these features. Our customers and community can use and customize these features to implement admin and governance capabilities in their organizations.


If you face issues with:

  • Using the kit: Report your issue here: (Microsoft Support won’t help you with issues related to this kit, but they will help with related, underlying platform and feature issues.)
  • The core features in Power Platform: Use your standard channel to contact Support.