Denise Moran articles

Denise Moran
12 min read

Establishing an Environment Strategy for Microsoft Power Platform 

Environments are containers that administrators can use to manage apps, flows, connections, and other assets; along with permissions to allow organization users to use the resources. The purpose of this article is to walk through important details about environments in the Power Platform and discuss recommended ways to benefit from proactively managing them.
2 min read

Editable Tables 

This blog post highlights how one can create a PowerApps Canvas app to create an editable table to interact with the data in the database quickly without having to connect through a separate interface.
3 min read

Announcing new Admin and Maker Connectors for PowerApps and Flow 

Now available in public preview are four new Connectors that let you access resources in the Power Platform in an Admin or Maker scope. These Connectors are accompanying the Flow Management Connector, which gives you just about as much control over access to these resources as we have.
8 min read

Progress Indicator with Tabular Data 

Progress indicators (also known as progress trackers) provide a great visual indication of how far along a user is to completion of a particular task.