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Announcing Microsoft Power Pages: Build secure, low-code websites

Today, we are thrilled to announce the preview of Microsoft Power Pages, the fifth product in the Microsoft Power Platform family.

Whether you’re a low-code maker or professional developer, this low-code, scalable, and secure solution empowers you to build business-centric websites quickly and easily.

For years, Power Apps portals have offered users an end-to-end experience to create external portals quickly and confidently, and customize them with pages, layouts, and content. As a new, standalone product, Power Pages empowers anyone, regardless of their technical background, with an effective platform to create data-powered, modern, and secure websites.

In addition to being low-code, Power Pages extends far beyond portals former capabilities to enable organizations of any size to securely build websites with exciting new aesthetic features and advanced capabilities for customization with pro-developer extensibility.

As a part of the world’s most comprehensive low-code development platform, anyone can now streamline business processes and easily automate workflows—resulting in a unified and convenient end-to-end business solution for your organization. Microsoft Power Platform is truly better together.

What’s new: Rapidly launch business websites with confidence

As part of the preview, there are a host of features and capabilities now available.

The Design Studio makes it easy to design, style, configure, and publish modern business websites. Start from scratch or use one of the ready-to-use templates to design your site pages with text, video, images, business data forms and lists, and more. The Templates Hub hosts full-featured websites with demo data, so you can jumpstart your journey to managing scheduling, registration, application submission, and more. With the Learn Hub, you can explore guides, tutorials, and quick videos to learn how to build websites, model and visualize business data, work with code components, and of course, configure sites.

Securely collect and share business information with site visitors using Microsoft Dataverse, a smart, secure, and scalable low-code data platform. Power Pages runs on Microsoft Azure and connects with Dataverse to provide critical security capabilities that include advanced encryption, rich role-based access controls (RBAC), and support for Microsoft Azure Front Door and other web application firewalls. Microsoft Azure DDoS Protection addresses top web security vulnerabilities.

Use Visual Studio Code in Power Pages to code advanced capabilities using JavaScript, Liquid templates, code components, and web APIs. With these tools, professional developers can securely interact with underlying business data and implement custom business logic, all without leaving the surface of their favorite developer tools. Microsoft Power Platform command line interface also helps developers easily download and upload their customization projects.

Unlimited possibilities

People often think of low-code web development as being useful for basic projects like a site to showcase a company profile or to use as an e-commerce platform for other content. But with Power Pages, you can do that and so much more, like supporting enterprise-wide, professional solutions at scale. This includes:

  • Community services: Reach and serve millions of citizens at scale, providing community services such as self-service permitting, licensing, incident and outage reporting, and applying for grants. 
  • FAQ sites: Provide answers to common questions about products, services, special events, policies, and procedures.
  • Customer self-service: Provide all-day customer self-services, such as warranty registration, returns, support inquiries, appointments, and bookings.
  • Partner support: Streamline business processes with partners, such as supplier onboarding, sustainability tracking, inquiry management, and vendor support.

Power Pages is already in action around the world

With its origins in Power Apps portals, from sales to government services, Power Pages is already being used by customers around the world:

  • King County delivers critical services, more efficiently. To better serve its constituents, the King County Department of Information Technology has developed more than 200 solutions on Microsoft Power Platform, including a wide range of Power Pages sites used to support health services, submit property and tax information, manage event registration, and more. 
  • City of Kobe connects citizens to key information during COVID-19. As part of its COVID-19 response, the Japanese government announced a support program that allowed every citizen to apply for a subsidy. Local authorities were often overwhelmed with call volume. The City of Kobe quickly routed its citizens to an online system that reduced 40,000 daily calls by 90 percent and reassured citizens that their needs were being met.
  • Rockwell Automation brings visibility, new capabilities to sellers. Fortune 500 company Rockwell Automation provides industrial automation and digital transformation solutions to global customers. The company uses Power Pages to build portals with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to help automate manual selling processes.

Explore Power Pages today

Ready to design data-centric websites without writing code, customize them to meet your business needs, and launch with confidence on a secure, trusted platform? Then get started with a free trial of Power Pages today. We can’t wait to see what you will build for your customers, partners, and communities.

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