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Since 2005 we’ve published more than 12,000 pages of insights, hundreds of blog posts, and thousands of briefings. As technology changes, we track new threats and provide analysis to help CISOs and security professionals.

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Volume 24: January–December 2018

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Volume 23: February–December 2017

Volume 23 regional reports

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Volume 22: January–March 2017

Volume 22 regional reports

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Volume 21: January–June 2016

Two people looking down at a large desktop monitor.

Volume 20: July–December 2015

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Volume 19: January–June 2015

A person smiling at the camera.

Volume 18: July–December 2014

Two people talking in a hallway, standing in front of a wall of servers.

Volume 17: January–June 2014

Close-up photograph of a person looking at a desktop monitor

Volume 16: July–December 2013

Volume 15: January–June 2013

Volume 14: July–December 2012

Volume 13: January–June 2012

Volume 12: July–December 2011

Volume 11: January–June 2011

Volume 10: July–December 2010

Volume 9: January–June 2010

Volume 8: July–December 2009

Volume 7: January–June 2009

Volume 6: July–December 2008