Microsoft Business Intelligence PASS keynote: Five minutes to sign up; five minutes to WOW!

See how you can get real-time interactive visualizations of customer data, as Microsoft Corporate Vice President James Phillips demonstrates exciting new capabilities available with Power BI and Microsoft’s powerful data platform, including SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Datazen, and Azure SQL Database. In this video of Phillips’ PASS Summit session, you’ll learn about all the new capabilities available now, as well as Microsoft’s roadmap for business intelligence (BI). Among the exciting demonstrations Phillips offers, you’ll see how Power BI history and cross-filtering along with integration of Microsoft Research Machine Learning and the Azure cloud platform, you can take advantage of a hybrid solution that offers you game-changing business insights.

In its most recent Agile BI Wave report, Forrester Research shows Microsoft BI moving all the way to the upper right, as a leader in BI. Forrester says that with Microsoft BI innovations, the “sleeping giant” has awoken.” In fact, Phillips notes that Power BI makes Microsoft the world’s fastest growing visualization platform, with more than 185 countries signing up for—and truly using—Power BI. Microsoft is passionate about making Power BI quick, easy, and free so that customers have the experience of “five minutes to sign-up; five minutes to WOW!” with Power BI.

With all the insights into customer and business activity available in today’s digital world, BI is a requirement for success. Check out this informative and fascinating video and find out how Microsoft is acting on the fact that “software is the greatest driving force in bringing business closer to customers … [and] software makes data…Organizations that turn data into value through insights will thrive.”

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