• Bridging the opportunity gap

    Brandy Foster didn’t let an opportunity gap limit her dreams. One internship and hours of self-education later, Foster is a developer at Detroit Labs and volunteers in a TEALS class where she encourages and inspires students to consider a career in technology.

  • Training educators to teach CS

    Magnum Dampier, a CTO in Kansas City, volunteered with a TEALS classroom in Texas through videoconferencing. He equipped the teacher and school with the knowledge and confidence to eventually run CS courses on their own.

  • Volunteering can impact your community

    Rose, a TEALS volunteer in New Orleans, doesn’t see a variety of options for jobs that lead to financial and career growth. “By volunteering with TEALS, I can help create a pipeline, so people know careers in tech are an option for them.” says Rose.

Inspire the next generation

Join other CS professionals from hundreds of companies who have made the commitment to serve as volunteers for TEALS. Learn how to get started with the resources below.

Interested in volunteering?

Have computer science and creative problem solving impacted your life and career in positive ways? Help all students gain access to these critical skills by becoming a TEALS volunteer.

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