Learn how to integrate Blockchain with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join us for a community call on Tuesday, March 13 to build your knowledge of Blockchain and how to integrate it with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Goal for the community call

After attending the call, you will have a better understanding with:

  • What Blockchain is and how it can create new business opportunities
  • Microsoft’s Blockchain strategy
  • Common Blockchain adoption patterns
  • Blockchain architectural patterns

What is Blockchain?

In a simple explanation, Blockchain is a secure, shared, distributed transaction ledger database that decentralizes data, eliminates the need for trusted third parties, and enables the anonymous exchange of digital assets such as bitcoin.

Expanding further, it is a distributed and replicated database that is immutable, verifiable, and cryptographically secure, establishing trust through a network of untrusted nodes. Use cases include fund transfer, trade settlement, smart contracts, identity, etc.

To begin your understanding of the business opportunity, review the scenario below to prepare yourself for a discussion with your customers:

Microsoft innovations in Blockchain

There are multitude of scenarios where Blockchain adds value to a business. Examples include smart contracts, micropayments, tax filing & collection, shipping and logistics management. Microsoft technology enables you to use Blockchain to solve many of the business issues and develop solutions such as smart contracts.

Blockchain in Supply chain

Below is a detailed use case where you can leverage Blockchain for tracking a typical supply chain.

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