Microsoft 365: New name, same price, same great value

By Pam Johnson

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We have exciting news to share! We are changing the names of our Office 365 SMB SKUs on April 21, 2020. Yes, that’s right, the Office 365 name is hanging up its jersey and making way for Microsoft 365.

What does this mean?

On April 21, we will change the names of our Office 365 SMB offerings to make it easier for partners and customers to understand the value each product will provide.

What are the new names?

Office 365 SMB offerings

* ‘Microsoft 365 Apps’ can be used to refer to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise if the audience context is clearly set. Otherwise, use the full product name.

Why the name change?

Simply put, our customers have had a hard time deciding which SKU is right for them. Our mid-priced SKU is called “Office 365 Business Premium,” our premium SKU is called “Microsoft 365 Business,” while our “Office 365 Business Essentials” SKU has more cloud services value than our “Office 365 Business” SKU.

With the new name, we’re shifting focus to how our services deliver value to our customers.

What will happen to the Office brand?

Office remains at the heart of Microsoft 365 Apps. It has evolved over the years, and in addition to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, it now includes other apps, capabilities, connection to the Microsoft 365 cloud, and a user-based licensing approach. The new name helps convey the larger value while keeping Office central to the experience.

When will this take place?

Starting late April, customers will see the name of their subscriptions updated to the new name across their in-product experiences. They will not need to take any additional actions. We encourage you to update your product information as well.

Are there any changes to prices or features?

There are no price changes, feature changes, or business model changes as part of this renaming. There are no naming changes for the Office 365 Enterprise or Microsoft 365 Enterprise SKUs.

How do I sell these newly named SKUs?

There will be no OfferID changes as part of this renaming. Microsoft will update the catalog Display Name for the OfferIDs of the affected SKUs on April 21, 2020. So, there will be no name change on the pricelist preview nor new OfferIDs that partners need to become familiar with. We appreciate your partnership in these times and recognize that it may take some time for the new names to be reflected in partner marketing activities.

What should I do next?

  • Learn more about this naming update here
  • Check out the newly updated to-customer assets for Teamwork and Advanced Security on our US SMB Modern Workplace webpage
  • When possible, start using the new name in your business. Microsoft has already started updating marketing & demand gen materials, with in-product & catalog changes completing on April 21st.

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