Partner resources: Remote work best practices, program adjustments, marketing resources

Each day continues to bring new developments that require we reset our expectations of the way we operate in our family life, in our communities, and in our work. At Microsoft, we are continually assessing how the present situation is affecting our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees, and taking steps to relieve some of the burden.

In order to help you, our partners, we rounded up a few of our most instrumental resources to support you in this current situation.

Best practices for remote work

As part of our effort to protect the health and safety of our employees and the wider community, Microsoft implemented early and extensive work-from-home guidance. Since then, many partners and customers have asked for details about how we enabled our extensive workforce to work remotely.

In her March 16 post, Gavriella Schuster shared some of our remote work resources and best practices to help partners and customers do their best work in these circumstances. This includes:

  • Best practices based on our internal learnings
  • Interactive forum for customers, partners, and Microsoft SMEs
  • Teams enablement resources
  • Resources for education partners
  • Free training resources
  • Technical assistance

Find more guidance in the Partner Network COVID-19 response guide, a collection of resources and best practices to help your customers stay informed and productive.

Partner program adjustments

For decades, Microsoft has relied on partners to help bring technologies to market, and now is no exception. As our shared collaboration to meet the needs of our customers takes on renewed urgency, we have been thoughtfully considering how our programs can best support all partners.

We’ve made some adjustments to partner programs to respond to your feedback and offer greater flexibility. Read Gavriella Schuster’s blog post “Responding to COVID-19: Microsoft Partner Network Update” to learn more about:

  • Incentive program changes
  • Competency extensions
  • Changes to training, exams, and certifications
  • Microsoft Partner Agreement updates
  • Microsoft Inspire 2020
  • DPS and Software Assurance Training voucher updates
  • New go-to-market resources

Investments in the partner ecosystem

As our shared situation continues to evolve, we are consistently listening to partner feedback to ensure that Microsoft and our partners can move in lockstep to meet the emerging needs of our customers.

Gavriella recently highlighted some of the things we’re working on to continue to help partners maximize impact going forward, including:

  • Program updates: learning, differentiation, rewarding customer success
  • Enhanced tools: Partner Center, on-demand support, evolved co-selling programs
  • Investment strategy for emerging market opportunities: Teams, tech intensity, Azure migration, security
  • New offerings: new advanced specializations and new Teams Practice Development Playbook

Membership in the wider Microsoft partner ecosystem continues to be a powerful source of support and resources partners can engage to make more possible.

Marketing resources

For the time being, our work with customers has necessarily changed. Fortunately, an arsenal of best-in-class marketing resources is built into your Microsoft Partner Network membership. As advantageous as these resources are during business-as-usual, this portfolio of marketing content and programs packs extra power in this time of strictly digital engagement.

Self-service and self-paced resources like Digital Marketing Content OnDemand, Smart Partner Marketing, Partner-to-Partner Readiness Assessment, and more, are uniquely positioned to help you accelerate growth based on your company’s specific go-to-market needs. Get started with marketing resources.

We know that the amount of information coming at you daily can be overwhelming. We hope that this round-up will be a resource you reference as you continue to work through these challenging times.

We are grateful for your partnership with Microsoft.


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