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Empower your temporary workforce

Meet the computing needs of your temporary workforce—and simplify onboarding and offboarding—without wasting time on device management.

What is a temporary worker?

A temporary worker is someone who’s being hired by an organization for a short period of time. To maximize the productivity of temporary workers, IT teams need to deploy them quickly and provide secure access to critical apps on any device—including their personal ones.

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Types of temporary workers

There are many workers in an organization who could be classified as temporary. IT administrators should consider a Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) strategy for the following types of workers:

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Project-based contractors

Project-based contractors are hired to meet certain goals or accomplish a specific set of deliverables.

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Short-term employees

Short-term employees are hired for narrow, timebound roles. This category includes interns, students, and trainees.

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Seasonal workers

Seasonal workers are hired to meet surges in demand. They may join a team seasonally or during a growth phase and are crucial to maintaining staff agility.

Benefits and opportunities

Temporary workers are the backbone of any truly agile organization. Maximize the versatility of your workforce by investing in technology that enables flexible work scenarios.

Improve onboarding

Since temporary workers will only be working with an organization for a short period of time, it’s essential to get them up and running as quickly as possible. Trim the onboarding process down to hours with Windows 365 Cloud PCs—compared to five days in on-premises VDI environments.1

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The e-book titled The Essential Guide to Bring Your Own PC

The Essential Guide to Bring Your Own PC

Read this e-book to discover how a BYOPC strategy can help your organization empower hybrid workers and maintain productivity without overwhelming your IT department.

Your Windows in the cloud

Equip your temporary employees with Windows 365 Cloud PCs, so they can quickly onboard and be ready to work—wherever they’re located.

Manage more with less

Easily deploy and manage Windows 365 Cloud PCs to your temporary workforce using your existing tools and team, maximizing your IT technology investment. Onboard seasonal and temporary team members without needing to make an in-person visit and set up a single Cloud PC—or thousands—in just a few steps.

Productivity on any device

Equip temporary employees with Windows 365 Cloud PCs to help them perform at their best. Employees get the same Windows experience no matter which device they're using—or where they’re working from—ensuring business continuity across your entire team.

Secure by design

Easily equip everyone in your workforce with a secure Windows experience on any device. Support your temporary workforce and uphold Zero Trust principles by implementing cloud-based controls that work seamlessly with leading security, identity, and compliance solutions from Microsoft.

Enable other scenarios with Windows 365

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Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC)

Maximize your IT investment and empower people to work securely—even on personal devices—with a BYOPC deployment strategy.

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Data security

Protect against security risks and provide better data protection to flexible workers across your organization’s computing environment.

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Get started with Windows 365

  • [1] Enterprise Strategy Group, Exploring the Economic Benefits of Windows 365, commissioned by Microsoft, June 2022.
  • [2] Microsoft Customer Stories, Grant Thornton UK LLP saves hundreds of hours with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, October 2022.

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