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TechNet Webcast: Managing Windows Server 2008 with Server Manager (Level 200)

Dan Harman, one of the program managers in the Server Manager team will be hosting a webcast next tuesday on Server MAnager (focusing on the changes introduced in the RC1 release) as well was Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), which had its Beta released last week. Below are the details of his webcast

Summary: Windows Server 2008 has significant improvements in server manageability with a one-stop administrative solution called Server Manager. This streamlined management tool enables IT administrators to complete setup of Windows Server using the Initial Configuration Tasks page, and configure and manage server roles and features with prescriptive wizards, a unified management console, and a command-line interface. In this session, we present and demonstrate the configuration and management capabilities of Server Manager and introduce some new features of Server Manager in Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 (RC1), including integration of the virtualization role and remote server administration tools.

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