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Visit the Windows Server Facebook page and take the IT Geek Quiz


Think you’ve got IT geek chops? Are you 100% geek or only a 50% novitiate? Log into Facebook and check out what folks are saying about our new Geek Quiz and then hit that Go To Application button and take the quiz yourself. Answer 10 questions, check out your score and share with folks not as smart as you are. And while you’re at it, browse the FB page and fan-up to get info on the latest Windows Server product news, content and free offers. Hit the Reviews tab and give us your feedback on Windows Server 2008 R2, too.

And for those of you attending TechEd 2010 in sweltering New Orleans, if you picked up a Windows Server IT Geek Quiz t-shirt at the Windows Server booths on Monday or Tuesday, don’t forget to wear it to the show tomorrow – you might get picked out of the crowd and receive an Xbox 360!