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Introducing the Server and Cloud Partner and Customer Solutions Team Blog

You’ve heard me talk time and time again about how much time we spent with customers and partners during the planning of Windows Server 2012.  Well we didn’t stop at the end of planning.   In today’s blog, Natalia introduces herself, her team and their blog which will document some of the details of our customer/partner engagements and how they are succeeding with Window Server 2012.

Hi, my name is Natalia Mackevicius, the Group Program Manager of the Windows Server Partner and Customer Ecosystem. Back in October, I covered my role and outlined how my team has applied the all-important voices of customers and partners to the planning and development of Windows Server 2012: Windows Server 8: Driven by the Voice of the Customer and Partner.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce the Server and Cloud Partner and Customer Solutions Team Blog.  Over the coming months, this blog will be used to share examples of how our customers are implementing the new capabilities of Windows Server 2012 and highlight opportunities for partners to develop hardware and software for Windows Sever 2012.  These examples will be tied back to the Windows Server Blog and the Product Team blogs for more detailed technical information on the features themselves.

Here are a few things we are going to include in our blog:

  • Discuss how early adopter customers are using Windows Server 2012 technologies to solve current pain points and/or address new opportunities and scenarios
  • Provide early information on customer adoption and best practices from the Engineering validation programs we run.
  • Discuss the Windows Server 2012 scenarios and the technical integration points for partners, such as API’s, hardware and applications
  • Provide an overview of the reference architectures or types of technologies that are being developed by partners to complete and/or extend Windows Server 2012 solutions, as they become publically available.

We hope that you find this blog useful. We will try to provide a regular rollup of what we have covered on the Server and Cloud Partner and Customer Solutions Team Blog from here so that you don’t miss anything.

We welcome your comments and questions. Join the discussion!

Please let me introduce to my team’s first blog post: Windows Server 2012 Technology Adoption Program – TAP.

Natalia Mackevicius
Group Program Manager
Partner and Customer Ecosystem