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Customer Support

Deliver customer support in their preferred language

Online and community forums are one of the most effective ways for companies to manage customer questions and support issues. Whether to allow users to find answers through self-service online support, to leverage best practices of other users through forums, or to cost effectively communicate electronically (by email, chat or phone) with your customer-service agents, online support has allowed scalability and 24×7 support to become a reality, even with limited budgets.

However, support content is often only available in a company’s core language(s), thereby limiting its usefulness to a broader customer base; and operating 24×7 chat support across all desired languages and geographies is cost prohibitive. By leveraging machine translation with Translator, businesses can offer native-language support even for languages that it otherwise would not be economically feasible to offer.

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Expand the sections below to learn more on how to use Translator for your customer support needs, providing a lower-cost alternative to your current offering.

When customers or business users hit a roadblock, their first step is to search online for a solution. However, in most cases, the relevant content offered is available in only one or two languages. This limits your ability to scale self-support and directly impacts support costs. If a user cannot find a solution online, the next step, typically, is to contact a customer service representative, or worse, to give up and switch to a competing product or service.

With Translator, you can easily provide support in any or all supported languages at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for professionally translated content.

To provide this multilingual support with your online help files, knowledge base, and customer-support forums, you can integrate Translator into your website.

Chat support in a customer’s native language is not scalable across more than a few key languages. By integrating Translator into your existing chat-support tools, you can easily and cost-effectively provide 24×7 support for any of the supported languages.

Additionally, by using Custom Translator, customers can tune their translation to their specific industry, jargon, or technology.

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For phone customer support, especially in situations where anything but an actual phone call is necessary, customers can integrate Microsoft Speech into their back-end infrastructure for end-to-end translation. Learn more about the Microsoft Speech.

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