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Services Provider Use Rights

The Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR) provides use rights for the Microsoft Products available through the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program.

The SPUR continues to be published as a Word document, click here to download a copy. As an alternative to downloading the Word document, you may use this website to view the same terms as published in the Word document via a web-based viewing experience.

About the SPLA program

With the SPLA program, service providers can license eligible Microsoft products on a monthly basis, during a three-year agreement term, to host software services and applications for their customers. The SPLA program supports a variety of hosting scenarios to help you provide highly customized and robust solutions to a wide set of your customers. To learn more about the SPLA program, click here. To learn more about the Microsoft Partner Program, click here.

How to Use This Site


To find terms for a specific product, select the product in the left side navigation under Product Index and view the terms that apply to its use.

For example, to view the SPUR terms for Exchange Server:

  1. Click on Office Servers.
  2. In the left side navigation, all Office Servers are now listed, and you can click on Exchange Server. Alternatively, the Office Servers page is now shown, and you can click on Exchange Server.
  3. You will see the following in the top/breadcrumb navigation:
    Services Provider Use Rights > Product Index > Office Services > Exchange Server
    This indicates you are viewing the terms for Exchange Server.

To view your terms from a previous date, set the desired “Effective Date” in the top right corner.


To download a Microsoft Word document and/or print terms, click the print icon in the top right corner.

  1. Choose “Download/Print everything” or “Download/Print Selected Sections” and select the specific terms you want to print.