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FastTrack for Microsoft 365 helps organizations accelerate deployment and increase user adoption of Microsoft 365 (Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security [EMS]) solutions.

FastTrack portal self-service access for planning and trainingOngoing access to FastTrack engineers or approved FastTrack partners*Data migrationBenefit available at no additional cost as part of an eligible subscriptionFastTrack for Microsoft 365*Eligibility for FastTrack services for education and nonprofit plans is determined by number of paid seats. Visit SDS Deployment Support for additional education details.500+ seats150+ seatsAll customers
1Eligibility for FastTrack services for education and nonprofit plans is determined by number of paid seats. Visit SDS Deployment Support for additional education details.

What is FastTrack?

Microsoft provides the FastTrack service to help customers successfully deploy and drive user adoption of Microsoft 365 solutions. When customers purchase eligible Microsoft 365 (Office 365, Windows 10, or EMS) licenses, the FastTrack benefit is included at no additional cost for the life of their subscriptions. FastTrack helps your customers migrate data (500 or more seats), enable more effective teamwork, protect their organizations from cybersecurity threats and keep devices and apps up to date.

FastTrack guidance covers three areas:

  • Planning (setup, remediation, and configuration)
  • Onboarding, with access to best practices
  • Ensuring readiness with an adoption plan and training

Educate your customers about how you and the FastTrack team can work together to help ensure their success. Start the discussion with the Welcome to FastTrack guide.

Connect customers with FastTrack

You can request FastTrack’s assistance on behalf of your customers. FastTrack will assist you directly, enabling you to maintain ownership of the customer relationship.

Sign in to FastTrack to request assistance.

The partner opportunity with FastTrack

Partners and FastTrack working together is a powerful combination that leads to the most successful deployments. FastTrack’s customized guidance includes access to Microsoft engineering expertise, best practices, and a variety of tools and resources. However, FastTrack alone may not cover all of a given customer’s onboarding and adoption needs.

That’s where you can add value—providing your services and expertise to fill any gaps to optimize customers’ Microsoft 365 implementations. Grow your business by offering onsite project management, custom scopes of work, and customized training to enable your customers’ success. You might also consider becoming a FastTrack Ready partner, which enables you to leverage the FastTrack methodology to deliver the FastTrack benefit directly to customers. Learn more about FastTrack Ready.

Get started

Leverage the FastTrack Partner Execution Kit to get ahead of competition. Use the kit’s customized assets to design your solutions to address your customers’ need and capture new opportunities. The kit includes:

  • FastTrack for Microsoft 365 short presentation – provides customizable content for your customer presentations.

  • FastTrack for Microsoft 365 one-pager – highlights FastTrack benefits and eligibility.

  • FastTrack for Microsoft 365 email to customers – helps you engage customers who might benefit from FastTrack.

Download the FastTrack Partner Execution Kit

Office 365

All customers with Office 365 plan subscriptions can use FastTrack online resources.

Customers with 150 or more seats

In addition to online FastTrack resources, customers with 150 or more seats have access to remote guidance from FastTrack specialists.

Customers with 500 or more seats

For customers with 500 or more seats, FastTrack can perform data and/or email migration, freeing you to deploy more products at one time. Automated data migration services are available for:

  • Mail (such as Google, Notes, Exchange, Group Wise, and IMAP4)
  • Files (Google, Box, SMB 2.0 file share)
Learn more


Customers are eligible for the FastTrack benefit for Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) if they purchase at least 150 licenses for a subscription in one of the following plans:

  • EMS (as part of the Secure Productive Enterprise)
  • Standalone plans for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (E3 and E5), Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Intune for Education, Microsoft Azure Information Protection (E3 and E5), Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, and/or Microsoft Cloud App Security

You can work alongside FastTrack for the required configuration activities and access available documentation, software tools, and admin consoles to help reduce or eliminate configuration tasks.

Sign in to the FastTrack website on behalf of your customers and follow the prompts to complete a request.

Learn more about FastTrack benefits for EMS.

Windows 10

Engage with FastTrack to help customers onboard and adopt Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. You’ll have access to engineering support through Desktop App Assure, a new service from FastTrack, to mitigate compatibility concerns during deployment. 

If you’re ready to get started, you can request assistance directly through FastTrack. Sign in with your org ID to submit a request.

Make it easier for customers to shift to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus

In addition to FastTrack services, you have further opportunities to help your customers to accelerate their modern workplace transformations with strategic offerings.

Offerings include the modern desktop (Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus) assessment, proof of concept, and pilot that are designed to drive intent, showcase value, and secure commitment to address your customers’ specific modern desktop needs.

Modern desktop: Stay Current (pilot)

Help customers stay current with Windows 10 and get up to the latest build. The Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Stay Current Pilot is a service for customers to receive complimentary assistance from Microsoft specialists to stay current on Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.

Realize business valueFastTrack’s proven processUse planning templates and materials to identify and prioritize scenarios; collaborate with customers to complete success plans.PlanAssessRemediateEnableMigrateAdopt1 Envision2 Onboard3 Drive valueLeverage FastTrack guidance and resources to complete remediation tasks, core and service onboarding, and migration.Take advantage of tools, guides, and best practices to build and implement a customer adoption plan.

A proven methodology to deliver business value

An established, three-phase process, the FastTrack methodology is designed to help customers quickly and cost-effectively make the move to Microsoft 365. More than 60,000 customers have already benefitted. Outcomes have included (on average):2

  • Saving one month in onboarding time.
  • Improving time to value by 29 percent from Office 365 suite capabilities.
  • Reducing costs associated with migrating files and email.3
  • Reducing training costs.

Every FastTrack engagement uses the same framework and can be adapted to specific services. Having access to FastTrack best practices enables you to use a standardized, repeatable process to support these successful deployment and adoption outcomes for your customers. As a Microsoft partner, you can:

  • Leverage best practices and remote guidance, tools, and resources.
  • Take advantage of remote engineering expertise and automated data migration services (for customers with 500 or more seats).
  • Provide your value-add to supplement the FastTrack benefit and deliver more strategic, higher-value engagements with your customers.
    2Forrester Consulting. *Total Economic Impact of Microsoft FastTrack*. A commissioned study. October 2017.
    3For customers with 500 or more seats.
Key steps: Envision



Create plans for success that use tools and resources that can help you understand your customers’ needs.


Assess your customers’ environments and evaluate their readiness for deployments.

  • Begin to gather environment data.
  • Set up a remediation plan, timeline, and checkpoints.
Key steps: Onboard


Build remediation plans that bring your customers’ environments up to the minimum requirements for successful onboarding.

  • Perform tasks for remediation on behalf of your customers.
  • Attend checkpoint meetings with your customers and FastTrack specialists.


Configure the core infrastructure for service consumption, provision online services, and conduct activities to drive usage.

  • Begin implementation of the plan with hands-on configuration.
  • Attend checkpoint meetings with your customers to evaluate progress against goals.


Help with customer migrations wherever applicable.

  • Use tools and documentation provided by FastTrack.
  • Leverage FastTrack migration guidance to complete data migration for customers with fewer than 500 seats.
  • For customers with 500 or more seats, FastTrack will perform the data/email migration for you, freeing up time to allow you to deploy more products at one time. Learn more about the data migration service.

Key steps: Drive value


Help your customers drive user adoption across their organizations and prepare for—and manage—change.

  • Access tools and resources to help gain user adoption.
  • Identify needs and run customized workshops with tailored training and communication plans as primary outcomes.
  • Attend FastTrack meetings with your customers to get additional adoption assistance.


Monitoring and reporting about usage help demonstrate overall adoption levels and areas where improvement is required.

Become FastTrack Ready

Microsoft FastTrack wants to help you drive deeper engagements with your customers. When your organization becomes FastTrack Ready, you’ll be approved to provide the FastTrack benefit to customers, delivering a truly customized onboarding experience through your value-added services. Partners who qualify for FastTrack Ready are approved to provide customers with an end-to-end experience and have access to Microsoft subject matter experts and adoption incentives.

Express your interest by completing the form, which will be reviewed by the FastTrack Ready onboarding team. Refer to the following FAQ for eligibility criteria.

FastTrack Ready FAQ

  • Partners need to meet these performance requirements to be considered:

    • Competency attainment – Gold Cloud Productivity + Enterprise Mobility Management
    • Customer engagements – Minimum of 15 customer deployment engagements registered with Microsoft
    • Performance metrics – 5,000 Office 365 active entitlements; 2,500 EMS active entitlements + 20 percent average Office 365 active usage
  • Our goal is to help customers realize business value with Microsoft 365. As part of the FastTrack program, you’ll be supported and incentivized to help customers get the most out of the following workloads:

    • Exchange Online
    • SharePoint Online
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Yammer
    • Office 365 ProPlus
    • Microsoft Intune
    • AADP
    • Outlook Mobile by Intune app protection
  • With almost 300 approved partners spanning 45 countries, customers can receive an onboarding experience that combines the benefits provided by FastTrack with unique partner skills, expertise, and locality—without the need to engage multiple teams, partners, and FastTrack resources. In the future, we plan to expand this program to additional partners and in more countries.