Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance

Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance

The Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance enables you to rapidly deploy an enterprise scale data warehousing solution built on SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse. Powered by proven Dell hardware, and backed up by a comprehensive support package, the Dell Parallel Data Warehouse appliance is a complete and cost-effective data warehousing solution for your business.

Key Capabilities
  • A complete hardware + software + support solution.
  • High scale from tens to over 600 terabytes.
  • Energy efficient hardware with enterprise-level performance.
  • Low acquisition and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced risk through pretested configurations.

Technical Highlights

Deliver predictable performance at enterprise scale with the Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance.

Maximize scale and performance
  • Achieve enterprise-class scalability to hundreds of terabytes.

  • Take advantage of high performance provided by a shared nothing , massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture.

Rely on a proven solution
  • Benefit from the combined experience of Microsoft and Dell – powering enterprise-scale solutions in the largest companies in the world.

  • Trust a fully tested architecture built on proven software and hardware.

  • Reduce maintenance ad downtime costs through built-in component redundancy and easy manageability.