Discover the benefits of a new PC

When it comes to a PC with an SSD vs. one with an HDD, some things are just better.

  • Up to 4x faster

    Redefine your sense of speed. PCs with SSDs: 4x faster on average than HDDs.1

  • Get up to 34% longer battery life¹ ²

    Because SSDs consume less power, you get longer battery life—on average, eight-plus hours of video playback.2

  • Transfer files 37.9% faster with USB 3.0

    Share moments in moments. Copy large files like home videos from USB 3.0 drives 37.9% faster on average with a solid-state drive.1

  • Install Windows Updates 3x faster

    Windows Updates: Install them 3x faster (on average) with a solid-state drive.1

Get started with PC hardware basics

​Learn about key PC hardware components so that you can make informed decisions when shopping for a new device.


What is it? 

SSD is a type of storage drive similar to a traditional hard disk drive (HDD).

Why does it matter? 

Without moving parts, SSDs are thinner, faster and more durable than HDDs, allowing for smaller PCs with greater battery life.2


What is it?

RAM is your PC's “working” memory.  


Why does it matter? 

It helps with performance when doing things like running apps and browser tabs. More RAM means you can do more things at the same time.

What is it? 

The brain of your PC. It tells the other components in it what to do. 


Why does it matter? 

It performs the instructions the operating system tells it to. Without it, your PC doesn’t run.

What is it? 

It helps your PC do graphics-intensive tasks, like photo or video editing and games. 


Why does it matter? 

It frees your CPU for other tasks, allowing for better performance. 

Browse by PC type

If you’re still unsure on where to begin, starting with the PC type will give you a wide range to choose from.

1 Windows 10 use case experiences tested by Principled Technologies: December 2019.
2 Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage and other factors. 
3 App availability and experience may vary by region and device.