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JUNE 14-16, 2022

European Cyber Agora

An inclusive multistakeholder initiative for a digital Europe | June 14-16, 2022

The interconnected nature of cyberspace requires enhanced collaboration between stakeholders and across sectors. As recognized in the recent EU Cybersecurity Strategy, a more inclusive dialogue and more regular & structured multi-stakeholder engagement are needed to develop and implement a coherent and holistic cyber policy that promotes a free, open and secure cyberspace and protects fundamental rights and freedoms.

The European Cyber Agora is a multi-stakeholder platform bridging the gap between government, civil society and industry across Europe to shape the European cybersecurity policy agenda and identify European perspectives on global cybersecurity policy debates. It promotes collaboration across sectors including diverse voices and contributes to evidence-based cybersecurity policymaking through research-based and outcome-oriented engagement.


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Tuesday, June 14 - Hybrid Event
14:15 - 14:30

Opening of registration for workshops & coffee

14:30 - 15:30Workshop 1

Protecting the Healthcare Sector from Cyber Harm

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the importance of healthcare sharply into focus. It has also demonstrated that healthcare and medical facilities around the world are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. These can have a direct impact on human lives as people are unable to access healthcare services, a basic human right. This workshop will explore some of the results that have come out of a year-long project, led by the government of the Czech Republic, the CyberPeace Institute and Microsoft. It will focus on good practices and recommendations distilled from a series of multistakeholder workshops covering IT practitioners’ perspectives, national resilience measures, frontline workers, capacity building, international law, and diplomatic measures. These recommendations are set to be published in a Compendium on Protecting the Healthcare Sector from Cyber Harm later this year.

Session organized by CyberPeace Institute, NUKIB, Microsoft

14:45 - 16:15Workshop 2

Deep dive on transatlantic regulatory affairs

Both the EU and the US are starting to see the benefits of more cyber resilience of their infrastructure after adopting a promising and ambitious cybersecurity strategy and regulation (NIS, CSA, NCCCR, upcoming NIS2, CRA, etc). More than individual initiatives, actions towards more collaboration on this matter are emerging such as the US-EU Security Dialog, the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) etc. Nevertheless, more steps are needed from both sides of the Atlantic to ensure closer harmonization especially on regulatory requirements, and to improve cyber resilience in the US and the EU. As a matter of fact, such a coordinated approach will ultimately result in enhanced competitiveness of both ICT & tech markets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Session organized by Microsoft

Description of sessions:

  • Brussels: All speakers are at the Microsoft Center
  • Hybrid: Some speakers are at the Microsoft Center, some speakers join online
  • Online: Everyone joins online
  • Armchair Discussion: Dynamic panel discussion with 3 or 4 speakers & moderator, including Q&A with the audience
  • Fireside Chat: One-on-One conversation with high-level speaker & moderator, including Q&A with the audience
  • Agora Spotlight: Short Ted Talk-style presentation, no Q&A

About the
implementing partners

The European Cyber Agora 2021 is facilitated by Microsoft, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and
EU Cyber Direct.


The resulting policy recommendations supplement international multi-stakeholder efforts such as the UN (, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) and the recently created Working Groups of the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace, and feed into national, European and international cyber policy discussions.

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With a vibrant community of civil society organizations and vast cybersecurity expertise across its universities, think tanks, and industry, Europe has strong foundations to build on and to develop regular and structured exchanges among interested stakeholders. We believe it is time for having an inclusive, sustainable, and structured multistakeholder engagement alongside the implementation process of the EU Cybersecurity Strategy. The European Cyber Agora is jointly implemented through a community of stakeholders that wants achieve this goal.

The European Cyber Agora and its community of supporters are designed in an open, transparent and inclusive format. On our path toward the launch event in June, we encourage and welcome interested stakeholders from across all sectors to join the community and contribute to a successful launch, to reach out!

Moving forward, we would like to see a broad range of stakeholders to be included and contribute to the further conceptual and thematic development of European Cyber Agora. We welcome all of you to become part of the community that will further develop this initiative in the months and years to come. We’re keen on exploring together with Europe’s cyber security policy community how we can support and elevate voices from across Europe and identify a suitable framework to connect the right ideas with the right people. If this sparks your interest, contact us and we’d be happy to include you more closely into the initiative.

Currently, the involved partners include: