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Responsible AI principles in practice at Microsoft

We apply our responsible AI principles with guidance from committees that advise our leadership, engineering, and every team across the company. Learn how responsible AI governance is crucial to guiding AI innovation at Microsoft.

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Innovating responsibly

We are putting our principles into practice by taking a people-centered approach to the research, development, and deployment of AI. To achieve this, we embrace diverse perspectives, continuous learning, and agile responsiveness as AI technology evolves.

Empowering others

We are helping organizations cultivate a responsible AI-ready culture throughout their businesses and put principles into place from implementation to governance with practices, tools, and technologies built on multidisciplinary research, shared learning, and leading innovation.

Fostering positive impact

We are committed to ensuring AI technology has a lasting positive impact for everyone by helping to shape public policy, contributing to industry working groups, and empowering those working to address society’s greatest challenges through our AI for Good initiative.

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Transparency Notes

Transparency Notes provide our customers with information about the intended uses, capabilities, and limitations of our AI platform services.

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