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Jason Cohen
Senior Program Manager
1 min read

Disabling opt-in model in Field Service and Project Service applications on Unified Interface framework (version 8.x and 3.x) 

The platform recently shipped a setting for Unified Interface framework only. In the near future, this setting will be enabled by default. In support of this, beginning on May 17th, Field Service v8.x and Project Service v3.x will begin to be made the default solutions available through AppSource.
2 min read

Automatic Update Policy for Field Service 

The Field Service (FS) solution will enable system-driven, automatic updates, in alignment with other Microsoft announcements that have highlighted the improved update process for Dynamics 365 (online): Modernizing the way we update Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 and Update Cadence – Business Applications Summit FAQ for Dynamics 365 Update Policies New Field Service Update Policy: Manual