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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. A business solution from Microsoft – helps companies be more responsive

Meeting delivery deadlines is a must for good customer service, and for companies that make to stock, the ability to respond quickly to market demand is especially critical. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 supports responsiveness by giving managers a great overview of the business, and arming salespeople, purchasers and inventory staff with all the information they need to focus on their everyday tasks.

How Dixie gained 20% in efficiency
Dixie, a Danish fashion accessory company, began as a home-run startup built around the promising idea of designing and making quality accessories to order, bolstered by the value-add of a super-fast delivery time.

However, their previous business solution gave them a poor overview of available items, and difficulty accessing information in general meant that workers had to work twice as hard to meet the fast delivery dates promised.

“We chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 because I could see that it could meet our needs in a much easier and more cost-efficient way than the other solutions that had been in the running,” says Dixie’s managing director, Flemming Warrer Jensen.

A quick glance tells a business story
So how critical is this business overview for Dixie's management?

“Well, for example, a quick glance at the screen is enough for me as managing director to keep abreast of key figures and everything important,” he says. “From orders, purchasing patterns, slow-moving individual items, the actual inventory value, cost prices, turnover lists, and so on – and pretty soon this will also include complaints and reason codes.”

A much better overview of the business and inventory processes has in fact helped the entire Dixie staff. It has reduced time used on order handling and Dixie saved 460 hours annually related to price list handling. All in all, an efficiency gain of 20%.

Are you looking for a business solution that can help your company be more responsive? Read the full Dixie case study here, and learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 here.

Ross Thorpe
Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing