#CustomerDriven: Catching Up with Rolls-Royce and Blendtec

If you missed it or just can’t wait to hear more, Customer Driven debuted enhanced customer engagement tools from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and showcased differentiated customer service and business strategies from industry thought leaders, Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts, and global powerhouse brands. We followed up on Twitter with Rolls-Royce and Blendtec to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including machine learning, IoT and advanced analytics capabilities, empowers these organizations to deliver exceptional customer service.

At Customer Driven, Senior VP of Rolls-Royce Nick Farrant provided insights into digital transformation within the airline industry, and how the Microsoft solution enables Rolls Royce to support innovative business models in the new service economy. As Nick says, there is no shortage of data at Rolls Royce. But, as illustrated in his demo, our solution brings insight and intelligence to that data, and empowers their organization to manage, process and visualize that data consistently and collaboratively. “The solution is making it easy to pull data from different sources and visualize in Power BI,” said Farrant of Microsoft Dynamics.

The partnership between Rolls-Royce and Microsoft Dynamics has had a measurable impact on the aviation industry. Tools within the solution are helping airlines to better monitor unscheduled down time, a $20B problem, and also helping them save fuel. Ultimately, better for the passengers and better for the environment.

Farrant and Rolls-Royce see strategic alignment between their digital transformation goals for customer service and Microsoft Dynamics CRM engagement model:

“We have a shared vision of intelligent eco-systems driving collaboration, putting customer and service at the heart.”

Blendtec has been growing rapidly over the last few years and needed an agile and open solution to stay engaged with their ever-growing number of customers and partners. They chose to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it has the capabilities to meet the company’s rising demands. Blendtec uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, and Power BI, a powerful solution suite configured to meet the needs of their business and drive their engagement strategy.

The manufacturers of the world’s most advanced blender and purveyors of viral YouTube videos featuring smart phones blended into oblivion, spoke highly of Dynamics customer engagement capabilities:

“We can blend things in many ways. With Microsoft, we like to use the technology to connect with our customers. We streamlined our order fulfillment process and blended it together with improved customer relationships.”

To hear more from Rolls-Royce, Blendtec, and Dynamics CRM, watch Customer Driven on demand.