Experience Customer-Focused Innovation with Microsoft and HP

No matter the size or purpose of an organization, quality service begins with customer engagement.


Consider The Travel Corporation, which uses the latest technology to improve communications with existing partners and create more meaningful customer experiences through personalized interactions. Or HKS, Inc., a leading architectural firm that recently implemented a technology solution to maintain existing customer relationships and quickly identify new business opportunities through a more thorough understanding of client needs.


As organizations look to rethink their business processes and ways to engage stakeholders, they need a solution that can help streamline internal processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online helps companies with adapting their customer engagement processes across the board, building external trust and loyalty.


Recently, HP Inc., the world’s leading PC provider, signed a 6 year, $56 million agreement with Microsoft to deploy Dynamics CRM to thousands of employees and 100,000 partners. In addition to driving cloud-based collaboration internally, Dynamics CRM is helping HP transform the way its sales representatives and partners engage with customers by empowering them to deliver exceptional, personalized experiences.


The shared commitment to customer engagement and digital will help lead to smarter productivity and improved business intelligence. With the customer as the focus, HP hopes to personalize the customer experience and increase satisfaction across all interactions.


Maximize your organization's productivity and deliver amazing customer experiences!