How data, analytics, and insights can improve customer service

What issues are your customers facing? What obstacles do customers encounter in their quest for support? How can the process improve to create a delightful customer experience and increase engagement?

Forward-thinking customer service organizations explore these questions every day. Learning about your customer’s experience with support and figuring out how to create a positive experience that meets their rising expectations should be consistently top of mind for any customer service manager.

Customer service organizations are the king of data, generating mountains of raw data with each interaction. However, most organizations are only getting a fraction of the potential value from data analytics. One recent McKinsey & Company study across customer service in manufacturing, the public sector, and healthcare found that these industries captured less than 30 percent of the potential value from their data.

Many of the barriers in extracting data and analytics are organizational, including:

  • Limited access to the data itself
  • A lack of integration across channels, creating data silos
  • Difficulty attracting highly valuable data scientists to make sense of the data

And the list goes on. Even when organizations have the right resources with the right tools, it can be difficult to identify the best opportunities for improvement and translate those insights into action.

AI-enabled insights

To improve the customer experience, you need to know what questions to ask and what the data means. Using the power of AI, systems can digest data at scale with minimal human labor, resulting in prediction based on past patterns, impact analysis across multiple data points, and much more. Dashboards, interactive charts, and visual filters provide actionable insights that help guide you to prioritize improvements for the greatest impact. This way you can strategically differentiate your brand through exceptional customer experience.

You can also leverage artificial intelligence alongside traditional business intelligence and KPI reporting can provide a new perspective and opportunities to improve. You can learn how your channels are being used by customers to assign the right resources to the right channel. You can discover emerging trends, brand sentiment, and problem areas by using natural language understand to group issues. By identifying and fixing issues before they impact customers, you can deliver better customer service experiences.

These improvements can also expand to areas across your organization. You can analyze team performance and operational metrics instantly and share specific dashboards with team leads. You can identify opportunities for improvement with AI-driven contextual insights into cases and service level agreement compliance. Use case resolution insights and backlog trends and historical comparison to evaluate agent performance and business impact, and address inefficiencies in your system.

The bottom line

Whether it’s an enterprise or a small business, customer service organizations need to lean on customer service analytics software to help build a better service organization and design an exceptional customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights provides a solid foundation and easily connects with a variety of systems. It offers an intuitive user interface that can be used by those closest to the customer, including customer service managers and subject matter experts. In this way, the need for scarce human resources is eliminated. Instead your current customer service managers are empowered with the ability to transform the organization. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights uses AI to easily extract, digest, and analyze data, presenting easy to understand visuals to identify opportunities for improvement. These insights empower customer service managers to make better decisions to improve customer satisfaction and optimize workforce productivity. The days of not knowing what to do with data will be a distant memory.

KPI summary screen within Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights.

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