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Tivoli Gardens personalizes the guest experience with Customer Insights

Meet Bernt Bisgaard Caspersen, Head of architecture and IT delivery at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen; one of the world’s longest running amusement parks. Since opening in 1843, Tivoli was modeled after the now defunct Parisian Tivoli and Vauxhall Gardens in London, and offers guests thrill rides, live entertainment, arcade games, dining, hotels, and a garden with 115,000 flowers.

Bernt and his small team are responsible for maintaining the IT infrastructure and technology systems for the park properties, including multiple, complex customer and business databases. This is a tall order that Bernt and his team strive to achieve daily. Being a small team, it can be a challenge to pick the right tools to be efficient and deliver every time.

To provide an exceptional visit for today’s digitally-connected guest, Tivoli has set out to ensure a consistent, personalized experience across every touchpoint—from the first visit to the Tivoli website, to the hotel reservation to onsite experiences.

Tivoli generates a massive amount of guest data from annual cardholders, ticket systems, and digital and human touchpoints. For instance, Tivoli tracks which rides the guests took, which concert was attended on which day and more. Tivoli uses this information to further improve the Tivoli experience, making it even more personal with each visit. The goal is to have the conductor at the ticket office make suggestions to a guest based on the music, rides, food, and other experiences they’ve previously enjoyed.

The problem with generating a lot of data is that you must have a way of analyzing it and uncovering actionable insights. Bernt understood the dilemma and sought ways to make the data come alive so it could be useful. Bernt wanted to dig into the data, down to each individual guest so every Tivoli employee could provide a better guest experience.

Bernt began looking into Microsoft Dynamics 365, as Tivoli was currently using Dynamics applications and was pleased with the products. Bernt researched Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, an AI-enabled application that unifies data across sources and presents a single view of customers. Bernt was quickly convinced that this would solve his “live” data issue.

Bernt believed that conductors could leverage Customer Insights’ single guest view to personalize every guest experience, increase engagement, and strengthen loyalty. He surmised that such an application could help predict the likelihood of guests returning and be key to gaining insights into creating exceptional experiences. He also believed Customer Insights and the Dynamics 365 platform would continue to help Tivoli in even more ways in the future.

Since integrating Customer Insights, Tivoli has been able to further strengthen their bond with guests by enhancing their guest services. They are also beginning to leverage data from digital channels including newsletters, e-surveys, online offers, website visits, and e-commerce, to garner even more actionable insights. These insights empower employees to further personalize the guest experience and aid in more precise guest marketing with personalized emails, invitations, and alerts to upcoming events.

Tivoli is building on the captured data by calculating insurance goals, probability of returning guests, and segmenting guests according to loyalty and lifetime spend. Guests are rewarded in the loyalty program with targeted incentives such as a backstage pass or inner circle entrance. The goal is to spread investments in loyalty, and prevent churn and to do that, Tivoli depends on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Customer Insights continues to exceed expectations, contributing to Tivoli ranking in the top ten of the net promoter score.

Bernt is a Dynamics 365 hero. He had a vision and is continuing to shape that vision through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. He is the catalyst of change at Tivoli, helping to reinvent itself by leveraging data and artificial intelligence to drill down into the preferences of every guest and further personalize the guest experience. Bernt has helped create a wonderous experience for every Tivoli guest and it’s paying off.

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