Sales enablement partnerships enhance personalization for Dynamics 365

Implementing a modern sales enablement toolset can generate over 650 percent ROI, according to Forrester; a finding that underscores the opportunity cost of not addressing the challenges many sales organizations face. Using outdated systems and fragmented data can create a disconnected view of buyer journeys and touch points. Costly time is often spent tracking down information across multiple systems including email, customer relationship management (CRM), sales reporting, web engagement, etc. Reservoirs of content make it difficult to find the most relevant asset and can lead to multiple people building content that already exists. While time spent personalizing content like decks, emails, etc. is slow and tedious, ad-hoc prospect engagements make it difficult to have the right conversation with the right stakeholder at the right time—lowering conversion rates and hindering sales efficiency.

Microsoft has partnered with  Seismic, Outreach, and Highspot to enhance core Dynamics 365 sales enablement capabilities and alleviate these common pain points that many sales organizations face. By augmenting sales teams with the collective intelligence of every prospect engagement and empowering sellers to focus on selling instead of administrative tasks and other time-consuming activities, these partnerships help sales organizations orchestrate, personalize, and scale every sales engagement.

These partnerships enable sales teams to:

  • Easily generate personalized communications at scale and accelerate sales productivity by prioritizing high impact actions and improving overall customer engagement.
  • Integrate omnichannel communication platforms to empower sellers to build relationships and communicate with prospects seamlessly.
  • Decrease time spent looking for the right asset by providing sellers with the content and next best steps, specifically tailored to each interaction and designed to drive engagement momentum towards a sale.
  • Focus content development resources on the highest impact assets and strategies by knowing what material is driving the highest conversion.
  • Help sellers optimize their sales sequencing by automating key workflows with contextual stakeholder engagement suggestions that take into account the timing, audience, and history of each interaction

Enable better buyer conversations with Seismic

Get the right story to the right buyer, every time with Seismic and Dynamics 365. Industry leading organizations use Seismic and Dynamics 365 to orchestrate engaging buying experiences at scale.

  • Orchestrate: Campaign creation and content to support your core value proposition, business value, differentiation, and go-to-market plays delivered right to the seller and contextualized according to the deals they’re working in Dynamics 365.
  • Engage: Sales can deeply interact with buyers through recommended content and easy-to-personalize pitches, proposals, and email engagement via Seismic’s integration with Outreach within Dynamics 365. All this is aligned to sales actions and training that’s coupled with context on how to best use content for better engagements.
  • Learn: Buyer and sales interaction data are extracted from each engagement and then coupled with insights that inform how content is performing against revenue and business goals, with key insights that then allow marketers, sellers, and enablement to improve seller behavior and content strategy.
  • Increase usage through an intuitive user experience that provides the right news, training, and content to tell your company’s most compelling story, all in one spot through the Seismic integration within Dynamics 365.

An intuitive user experience provides the right news, training, and content to tell your company’s most compelling story, all in one spot.

Accelerate seller productivity with Outreach

The integration between Outreach and Dynamics 365 Sales enables teams to stand out and connect with prospects and customers in meaningful ways. Sellers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Outreach accelerate their sales productivity by prioritizing high impact actions and improving overall customer engagement. Some highlights include:

  • A single platform for essential sales actions. This integration provides sales reps with a single platform to execute all of their sales workflows across Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and more, all within Outreach. Connect with buyers on their preferred channels with a best-in-class multi-channel communication platform.
  • Drive deeper engagements. Outreach sequences help reps execute their best playbooks by creating a measurable series of touch points that drive deeper engagement with prospects and customers synced from Dynamics 365 Sales. Easily generate personalized communications at scale while maintaining the consistency of your messaging. Leverage continuous learning and AI to test insights, take better actions, and make smarter decisions.
  • Real-time bidirectional sync. A superior bidirectional sync auto-logs all actions taken in Outreach into Dynamics 365 Sales for more actionable and accurate data at all times. Accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and appointments are all seamlessly synced to support each organizational workflow with a proprietary conflict resolution layer between systems to keep data pristine.

Bidirectional sync auto-logs all actions taken in Outreach into Dynamics 365 Sales.

Streamline sales enablement with Highspot

The full suite of Highspot capabilities care is now directly integrated in Dynamics 365, so sales teams can leverage Highspot’s sales enablement platform without leaving their existing workflow. Highspot offers end-to-end enablement, giving businesses a powerful advantage by bringing together content management, sales guidance, and buyer engagement capabilities to win more deals.

The Highspot for Dynamics 365 integration offers four key benefits:

  • Streamline sales representatives’ routines: Anything sellers currently do in Highspot, they can now do from Dynamics 365 through an immersive experience. They can find content, view buyer engagement reports, access training, review sales playbooks, and create new customer pitches.
  • Boost relevance with AI: Highspot’s AI now coexists with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights to display AI-driven content recommendations alongside leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts in Dynamics 365. Sellers can spend less time searching for content and more time engaging with customers.
  • Automate workflows to save time: The integration saves sellers’ time and helps maintain CRM data quality by automatically logging all Highspot activities and shared content to timelines in Dynamics 365.
  • Implement sales enablement across Microsoft technologies: Highspot goes beyond Dynamics 365 to integrate seamlessly with the other Microsoft applications your teams use, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, and OneDrive, and a dedicated Highspot for Windows application.

Highspot-Dynamics integration helps maintain customer relationship management (CRM) data.

As your sales organization continues its digital evolution, it’s important to build on a customer relationship management platform that can support this growth, meeting you where you are and accelerating the path forward. Dynamics 365 Sales is designed to seamlessly integrate across applications and data sources so that as your business grows so does the power of the tools you use. Learn more about what Dynamics 365 Sales can do for your business.