Connecting patient journeys and personalizing healthcare with Microsoft CDP

Customer data platforms (CDP) aim at helping improve business outcomes in many industries—from delivering better brand experiences in retail and consumer goods to optimizing engagement and fundraising for nonprofits. In the healthcare space, gaining a 360-degree view of the patient and having a unified view of health records, past interactions, and communication preferences empowers front-line support teams to provide better care and an optimal experience for patients.

This has been an exciting month for our Microsoft customer data platform, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, as we announced new innovations. Today, our new engagement insights capability in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enters preview. Engagement insights (preview) enables deep understanding of customer intent and behavior in real-time using cross-channel analytics for websites, mobile app, and connected products. The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution also enters general availability this month. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a core use case of the healthcare solution, providing the crucial foundation for improving patient experience as you will see detailed below.

Customer data platforms: enabling a patient-centered approach

Healthcare journeys involve a complex network of interactions. Patients have numerous encounters with their healthcare institution staff, digital services, and content. These interactions are typically stored in disparate IT systems—with sensitive clinical data stored in one system, and payment, registrations, and marketing contacts residing in separate and unconnected systems. This fragmentation results in a lack of understanding of the patient’s interactions with the organization, meaning there is no clear view of the patient journey.

From the patient perspective, navigating the healthcare system can be a challenge. A single person is likely to encounter their healthcare organization in many ways—they may look up a treatment on the hospital website, attend an educational event, and visit their doctor and care team all for the same topic—but nothing ties these together resulting in a highly fragmented experience.

Customer data platforms unify patient data, eliminate data siloes, and provide healthcare organizations a secure foundation for orchestrating improved patient journeys and achieving better outcomes. They can also help deliver patients timely information and tools to help them along their way.

Improving the healthcare journey through secure and connected patient experiences

Navigating healthcare can be a challenge in the best of times, but for parents when a child’s health is at stake, nothing is more important than getting quality care, timely information, and appropriate support. As one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States, Dayton Children’s Hospital has a mission to go above and beyond in making sure children are well taken care of.

With over 300,000 patient visits a year, every interaction with patients and their families is crucial. The hospital collects a multitude of data, and like many healthcare organizations, data was stored in disparate and unconnected systems. Dayton Children’s Hospital used Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to build a scalable, flexible, highly secure, and HIPAA-compliant data foundation—spanning both clinical and marketing information. The unified view shows a timeline of every touchpoint the patient had with the hospital, from initial contact to the inpatient care received, to the follow-up interactions with the patient and their family after release.

“The flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use of Dynamics 365 enable rapid progress with data enrichment, and this ensures that we provide the best possible patient experience.”—J.D. Whitlock, Chief Information Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Dayton Children’s Hospital will use the insights continue improve the patient experience across every channel and touch point, helping transform the end-to-end healthcare journey.

Another such organization is MVP Health Care, committed to making a positive impact on the health and wellness of the communities it serves by offering more convenient, more supportive, and more personal member experiences. By building a member-engagement platform with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, MVP Health Care has obtained a universal view of its membership community and has launched its transformation from a healthcare payor into a trusted healthcare liaison. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, they can unify data from multiple sources to create a centralized collaboration platform for 2,000 employees and 700,000 members. Built-in AI and machine learning provides a better understanding of members and helps deliver proactive care with recommendation on next best actions.

“With Dynamics 365, we can build a single view into the heartbeat of every member, while we deliver more interoperability to providers, partners, members, and employees.”—Michael Della Villa, Chief Information Officer, MVP Health Care

Transforming the healthcare journey

Dayton Children’s Hospital and MVP Health Care are just two examples of patient care providers leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to build a deep understanding of patient interactions across digital applications and in-person visits. We are now scaling this use case through the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution. Read more about how Microsoft Cloud for healthcare unlocks patient data to deliver better experiences, better insights and better care.

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