Microsoft Ignite recap: Dynamics 365 news and announcements you may have missed

Thank you to everyone from across the globe who attended Microsoft Ignite last week. This year’s virtual event was packed with learning sessions, announcements, engaging conversations, and Q&As—far too much content to absorb in just three days. To help you catch up on the news and content from Microsoft Ignite, we’ve rounded up the highlights for you.

To get started, we recommend watching three featured sessions. Start with Satya Nadella’s opening keynote—an overview of trends and innovations across the Microsoft cloud that will transform your business. Then, watch the session, “Microsoft Ignite into Focus: Business Applications,” for a closer look at new and upcoming capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Also, learn about innovation across the Microsoft cloud that will allow every organization to build a hyperconnected business, providing the agility and flexibility for organizations and employees to thrive now and into the future.

Next, explore innovation across Dynamics 365 discussed in breakout and on-demand sessions during the event, starting with the highlights below.

Context IQ: Connect and collaborate in the flow of work with anyone, anywhere

We’re making it easier to connect with people, information, and conversations from Dynamics 365 workspaces, reducing the need to switch between apps to access who and what you need in the moment. At Microsoft Ignite, we announced Context IQ, a set of capabilities for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 that make information, people, and conversations more accessible in the moment, reducing the need to switch between apps. Context IQ helps ensure business users can access documents and records, colleagues across the organization, and conversations—all in the flow of work, whether from within Dynamics 365 or Microsoft 365 applications.

Read a deep dive on the Dynamics 365 blog and watch the Microsoft Ignite session to see Context IQ in action.

Build deeper connections with Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

Organizations must be able to unlock the power of customer data to create experiences that build strong relationships. The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform, introduced at Microsoft Ignite, is a complete solution that puts organizations in control of their customer data to personalize, automate and orchestrate journeys during the entire customer lifecycle of awareness, to purchase, to service. With a deep understanding of customers and rich, out-of-the-box insights, organizations can now determine and predict intent to deliver the right content on the right channel and in the right moment.

Read a deep dive on the Dynamics 365 blog and watch the Microsoft Ignite session to see these capabilities in action.

Create an all-in-one digital contact center with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

At Microsoft Ignite, we announced the general availability of our first-party voice channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, built on the planet-scale communications platform that powers Microsoft Teams. The addition of the voice channel helps your organization provide consistent and personalized service to customers across all channels with one data-driven, AI-infused, end-to-end solution—no integration required.

The new first-party voice solutions join a host of other capabilities demonstrated at Microsoft Ignite, including conversational IVR, call transcription, sentiment analysis, proactive recommendations, and other built-in AI capabilities that empower your agents to resolve customer issues quickly.

Read a deep dive on the Dynamics 365 blog and watch the Microsoft Ignite session to see these capabilities in action.

Build a trusted and resilient supply chain

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights is now part of Microsoft Supply Chain Center, which is available in preview starting November 16, 2022. Click Introducing the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, a new approach to designing supply chains for agility, automation and sustainability to learn more.

The current supply chain crisis spotlights the need for new levels of visibility across your entire supply chain. At Microsoft Ignite, we announced Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights, providing organizations with the visibility they need along with the intelligence to predict and proactively manage supply chain challenges.

We also announced updates to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to optimize production processes. New capabilities enable your organization to innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations by easily adapting to new business models, improving planning agility, enhancing the visibility of your shop floor, and ensuring round-the-clock uptime and business continuity.

In addition, Microsoft introduced the preview of the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, which connects experiences across the end-to-end product and service lifecycle and lights up the entire Microsoft cloud with capabilities specifically tailored to manufacturing.

Explore updates to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, learn how to mitigate disruptions with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights, and read about the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing preview. Also, watch Microsoft Ignite sessions that take a deep dive into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

Bridge the physical and digital worlds with Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces

Announced at Microsoft Ignite, the preview of Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces, previously Dynamics 365 Connected Store, signals our expansion from retail scenarios to all spaces, from retail to manufacturing. With Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces, your organization can harness observational data (the data we generate as we move throughout the world), use AI-powered models to unlock insights about your environment, and respond in real-time to trends and patterns.

Learn more on the Dynamics 365 blog and watch the Microsoft Ignite session to see these capabilities in action.

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